Andi James – Mom Is All I Need

Part 1 – Mommy by night
Mom (Andi James), wearing only a bathrobe enters my DARKENED bedroom. She sits at at his bedside with a very lust-filled/glazed look on her face. She strokes my face and hair. She stares at me for a moment and removes my PJ bottoms and runs her hands over my chest. Still staring into my eyes, she reaches down between my legs and fondles me. Breathing very heavily, she stands up, drops her bathrobe and gets on top of me. She lowers herself and lets out a sharp “Ahhh” as I enters her. She looks slightly insane and starts to move up and down on me. She squeezes her boobs while bouncing up and down on me really fast with her eyes closed. This goes on until she cums with another, “Ahhh.” She sits there for a moment with her head tilted back, she straightens up, gets up and puts her robe on, puts her finger to her mouth again, says “Shhh” again. Gets up, kisses me on the lips and leaves.

Part 2 – Mommy by day
Mom is sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee, still in the previous night’s bathrobe. She looks up at me as I enter the kitchen. She gets up and the bathrobe falls open showing she is wearing nothing underneath. She walks up to me, grabs my face with her hands and kisses me. She the steps back, lets her robe drop off, kneels and starts giving me head. After this, I pull her up and place Mom on the Table. She plays with her boobs, stares directly at me, breathes short fast breaths until we both cum. When she cums, she lets go of her boobs and slams her on the table.