Andrea Rosu – Cum To Mommy

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Sweetie, the doctor explained everything to me. You’re going to be ok, and you’re totally normal. But we need to take precautions. Do you know what “precautions” means, honey? The doctor told me that you should walk around the house naked. Oh, don’t be bashful!! Mommy has seen you naked plenty of times. The reason for this is because if you feel the need to “pee” (the word we use for cum), you just need to let it go. It’s very important to make sure you don’t hold back. The next day I’m washing dishes, and don’t realize that my very tight leggings have slipped off my large ass, exposing my perfectly round bum in a thong. My back is towards you, so I don’t initially realize that my exposed bottom has made you very very excited and hard. You tell me that you really need to “pee”. I’m completely flustered, but I know it’s important that you don’t hold back. I also want to make sure you don’t feel embarrassed. I decide to pull my leggings down to show my entire ass, and bend over. You cum all over my back and ass. I’m totally shocked. As the days to continue, my shock changes to excitement. I can’t believe how hard and hot I make you!! It’s quite something. I begin to invite you to watch me as I shower, massage lotion onto my huge ass, and I assume the position (my ass is front and center) for you to cum all over me. I can’t believe how much cum my has for me.

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