Andrea Rosu – Mommy Lets You Cum Only After You Massage Her Sore Feet

Mommy had such a long day at work. She always loves it when you’re waiting for her at home to make her feel better. Only a good sweet son knows how to make Mommy feel special. To show Mommy how much you care, you take my tired aching feet in your cute little hands and massage my soreness away. You love how I just close my eyes, lose myself in your care, and moan in pleasure. Not only do you love Mommy, but she obviously loves you. Once I’m totally relaxed, I turn my attention to your needs. I know how much my pleasure excites you. I want you to show me how excited you are. Take out that sweet little cock of yours and show Mommy how you like to play with yourself. Since I’m a grown woman, I can teach you a thing or two on pleasure. Take heed, Mommy will make sure you have the strongest orgasm of your life!


Download file – 779.5 MB
Download file – 779.5 MB