Andrea Rosu – Mommy Needs A Cool Down

Oh hi honey! Have you been waiting for your mommy to get home from the gym? You’re alway so attentive and sweet…my sweet boy! My workout was great. I feel great, totally energized! You really think you’re seeing a difference in my body from all the exercising I’ve been doing? You’re so sweet to say so. You definitely pay more attention to me than your daddy. You want to see just how tight my body is becoming?! Oh my! My sweet boy has a little naughty side huh?! I don’t know what to say…I’m blushing! Oh, alright! Maybe just a little peek. But make sure you don’t tell daddy. I don’t think he’ll understand. He already thinks I pay too much attention to you. I can’t believe I’m taking my clothes off for my boy! It’s just…you’re so appreciative. You make mommy feel so good. Does mommy make you feel good? Let me see. Let me see how good mommy makes you feel. Oh my!! My little boy is definitely not so little anymore!! They grow up so quickly! You’re becoming quite the big man huh?! Your cock is so so big and yummy!! I want you touch it…touch yourself as you look at me. I want to see how good mommy makes you feel. How much my body makes you horny and excited. That’s a good boy. Keep stroking and look at mommy’s curvy body: big tits and firm ass. That’s it. Give it to me…give your big load to mommy.

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