Andrea Rosu – Mommy teaches you how to drive stick shift

Mommy’s little boy is growing up so quickly! I can’t believe it’s already time to teach you how to drive. Aren’t you a lucky boy, Mommy is taking time out of her busy schedule to give you a very very hands on driving lesson. Spending this time in a car with her very special boy reminds me of when I was younger. I haven’t thought about that time in my life for so long! I was dating a sexy guy named Bill. He was such a bad ass in his Camaro.

The things we did in that car!! In fact, I feel inspired. I want to relive a particularly hot moment when I just couldn’t keep my hands and mouth to myself, and I gave Bill the most intense blow job! Honey, why don’t you go in the back seat? Mommy has a little treat for you. Oh…is that all you have for Mommy? Your penis…it’s so…very…tiny. No, honey, Mommy isn’t disappointed in you…just making a little let down (emphasis on little!). That’s ok, I’ll make you do. But you need to promise Mommy something, you will NOT cum. I will teach you some self-control, especially since you have such a pathetic little dick.


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