Andrea Rosu – Sniffing Mommy

Honey, I saw you sniffing my panties and socks the other day and I wanted to let you know that it is ok. There is nothing to be embarrassed about and it is natural that you want to smell a girl’s special scent. I thought it would be helpful to teach you that women don’t always smell clean and fresh. So I made sure to let my private parts get extra stinky and have not bathed in a week. Do you want to sniff them?

Get close to my dirty toes and take a good whiff. I have gone the gym without socks everyday and made sure that they are extra sweaty. Mom even forgot to take her shoes off when she went to bed! Now, I want to show you to smell an even more embarrassing spot, but I do not want you to be embarrassed or be a shy baby boy. I want you to see my asshole. It may look dirty, but it is actually very sexy. Take a good sniff of my stinky hole. I can see that stench turns you on and I like that. Since you are such a good boy, we are going to play with Mama’s stinky body every week!


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