Angie Noir – Are My Son Now – Exchange Student Seduction

Angie is excited about her visitor today…a visitor that will stay for many months! Jay is a 21 year old exchange student and Peter’s (Angie’s son) close friend. Over the years they had talked about spending a semester at each other’s college and staying at their respective families houses. The culmination of all their careful planning was about to happen! Angie knew from Peter’s tales that Jay was a big womanizer and was fascinated with large breasts – Angie was wet thinking about the many possibilities to seduce Peter’s horny buddy!

The doorbell rings and Jay is just on the other side…Angie is excited and her thin white cotton shirt is not hiding her large erect nipples! She opens the door and invites him in. Jay reminds her of Peter and she hopes he too will notice her big titty exhibition and like it. After welcoming her guest, Angie blurts out …that Jay is her son… for a short while and that she is very excited to have him! After a tour of the house, they end up in Peter’s (now Jay’s) room. Jay’s new “Mom” tells him to relax, shower and join her for dinner so they can get to know each other. While eating dessert, Mom discovered that Jay’s girlfriend looks just like she does! Angie started the seduction of Jay with a little under-the-table-leg-caressing with her foot.

Later in the evening, Angie went to his room to investigate the “broken” reading light by the bed. Her nightie barely covered her tits and ass and when she got on her hand and knees and bent over to look for the wire – Jay got a full view of her thong covered pussy and butthole! Jay was hard as a rock and Angie soon noticed… and she wasted no time pulling his shorts down. She caressed and licked his cock and sucked his balls. She got up from her knees and played with herself …teasing Jay by showing off her wet, MILF pussy! Then she vigorously jerked him and sucked him and mouth fucked him down her throat. Angie could not wait…she needed his hot seed to be on her hot clit and hole! Jay fucked her hard on the side of the bed…stroking his cock in and out…using her hole to cum. Mom wanted him to spray her clit with his load and Jay jerked off and came on her. Angie groaned and was delighted to feel the stream wash over her gaping pussy! Now she needed to cum and straddled his cock and rode him hard! fucking her new son’s cock…she could hear her own pussy making wet slurping noises as it got banged! Then a very intense orgasm swept over her so hard that she began shaking and grunting and finally grinding her pussy on his cock! The torrid sex caused Jay to need to cum again and Mom got on her knees to receive load number two on her face! Which she quickly licked up!
As Angie left her new son’s room, Jay said: “Thank you for dinner Mrs Noir!”


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