Annabelle Rogers – Suckling Moms Breast Milk So You Dont Get Dehydrated

Lactating, Outdoors, Forest, Hiking, Mommy Roleplay, Virtual Sex

You join me on a long hike through the woods. We reach the halfway point and I ask for the water from your back pack. You look and realize you forgot to pack the it. I instantly get annoyed. I had set out the electrolytes and water for you to bring and all you had to do was put it in the backpack. I realize I should have double checked the bag before we left. We are now miles deep in the woods on an over 100 degree day. We still have many more miles to hike and if we don’t have some water soon we will become severely dehydrated. Your phone has no service and I begin to panic. Until I remember that I’m still lactating that is. We can both have breastmilk from my boobs to help save us from severe dehydration. You are reluctant to put your mouth right on my nipple to suck and want me to just squirt the milk into your mouth. But I don’t want any milk to go to waste so I tell you to just shut up and suck. We both have milk from my breasts. As I’m about to put my boobs back into my bra you ask for me to leave them out. I realize it’s because you’re rock hard. You can’t finish the hike with a raging boner so I suggest you go jerk off somewhere. You ask if you can fuck me. Shocked at first I agree and bend over for you on a tree as you fuck Mommy from behind until you creampie my pussy.

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