Ariella Ferrera – You have a thing for cougars

Now I don’t want to embarrass you with what I am about to say but this is a topic that must be dealt with. My girlfriends told me that you have been overtly hitting on them. We are all much older than you so this is a little shocking for me to hear. Is it true you have a thing for cougars? I’ve been reading news regarding the new craze of college age guys being attracted to older women.

This news made me think that perhaps I could help get this curiousness out of your system so you will once again be attracted to girls your own age. After all, I do want to be a grandmother some day which will never happen if you keep chasing cougars. I have an idea but you cant tell your father about this. It starts with you unzipping your pants and taking your penis in your hand. That’s great, now listen to my direction carefully.


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