Baby It’s Cold Outside – Lovely Lilith

Hey sweety, what are you doing up so early? It’s really cold right now, maybe we should cuddle. You’re dad won’t make it home this weekend, so you should crawl into bed with me. No, you’re not too old to cuddle with your mommy. Come here… There… isn’t that nice? Snuggled up so close to me and warm… Um… Honey… Your knee is jabbing me in the stomach. Oh… That’s not your knee, is it? It’s okay sweety. That’s perfectly natural. In fact, it’s all my fault for squishing you with my boobs! You know, dear… since you’re filling in for your dad right now.. maybe I can help you with your…”problem”. Wouldn’t you like that? It’s fine! I’m your mom… it’s my job to show you how you should be treated. You just lay back and relax and let me help you get really excited. I want to show you what a woman can do for you. What a woman looks like… feels like…and what a woman can make you feel, sweety. We’ll get nice and warm in no time.

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