Babysitter Pops Your Cherry

My my my, look at you. What a bigboy you’ve turned out to be! And so handsome, too. Don’t be bashful, silly. I’ve known you your whole life; your mom’s one of my best friends. And I’ve kept my eye on you for a very long time. You’ve kept your eye on me, too, haven’t you? Yes, you have… I’ve seen you peeking at me, watching me.. Don’t you have a girlfriend? Oh, you do…so you’re having sex? No? But why not? Stand up, sweetheart. Come here. Let me see what you have in those blue jeans. Mm-hmm, just as I suspected. You have a BIG cock for such a young man. Babysitter’s going to have to suck that right this minute, shove the whole thing in my mouth. So young and yummy. So you’ve never seen a girl’s pussy before, either? Poor boy, let me show you…here, let’s just slide the head of that big cock in…give you a little taste. Not too fast! Back up, baby, and let me show you what it looks like when a woman has an orgasm….mmm, this vibrator shoved hard against babysitter’s clit won’t take long. Come closer, baby, look closely while I come… Now, bring that big boy cock back over here and bury it in my pussy. That’s right, now stroke it, back and forth…in and out…make babysitter come again. Mmm, yes…again! Wait. What just happened? You little fucker, did you just cum inside me?!

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