BellaBates – Mommy Shows You Places

It’s a cleaning day and even though I know you’re watching your favorite series, I have to vacuum. When I apologize for the noise from the sound of the vacuum cleaner, I find that you are staring at me in a strange way. Then I remember that I don’t have panties and you’ve seen my bare pussy! You shouldn’t stare at it that way. I think you’re a little perv and I’ll say it to you, little perv. However, the way you look at me makes me a little more tender so I want to introduce you to a woman’s body because I know you are so interested in it. So I show you my pussy and my tits. But when you look at me, I start to get horny. I want to do it with you. You must not tell anyone about this, because I am your Mommy. I suck you and then I come on top of you and I want you to cum inside me…

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