BellaBates – Movie Night With Mommy

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You watch a movie with your mom, it’s one of her favorite movies. In the middle of the movie, your mom starts rubbing herself. You’re a little confused and she tells that she can’t resist touching herself because the certain scene in the movie always makes her so horny. She can do nothing about it, she just feels an irresistible desire to touch herself. She strokes her pussy throughout the scene. She shows you how wet she got. You can see how her jeans have a wet spot. She sees that you too are horny because your cock is hard in your pants. She thinks the movie got you horny too (really your cock is hard after seeing a wet spot). She suggests something to you because she really wants something inside her, she can’t resist her lusts. You end up fucking her doggystyle on the couch and shoot big cum on her face.

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