Better Than Sleepaway Camp

I know you’re still mad at me for not letting you go to camp like the other boys your age, but I just don’t think you’re ready to be away from your mother for 7 whole days. Maybe if you’re a really good boy I can find a weekend camp for you at the end of the summer. Wouldn’t you rather spend time with mom anyway? Building this blanket fort was fun, and there’s lots of fun stuff we can do at home together this week. I know the other boys have been teasing you about how close you are to your mother, but it doesn’t matter what they say. It’s perfectly normal to be this close to your mother, but with as much time as we spend together, it’s also normal that you’ve started noticing things about me, like my breasts. You’re growing up & it’s natural for you to start looking. Your body is changing & your hormones are changing. Now that we’re talking about it, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal, does it? What else have you noticed? You can tell mother. You’re right, my butt is nice. Take a good look at it. So pretty in lace panties. If we talk about it there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s when you keep it a secret it becomes shameful. For example, I caught you looking at me in the bathroom the other day, and when I turned around you ran away. Did you feel shamed? But it’s normal to see your mother naked. We’re going to clear up this nonsense right now. I’m going to show you what I look like naked & you’re going to stare at me. Don’t turn away & turn this into something shameful. I can see your cheeks burning, and I think you’re ashamed of what’s in your pants. So let’s bring it to the light. Show mommy. I’m going to touch it. Stop this nonsense! You need to get over it. Just relax & let mom do this. You like the way it feels, don’t you when my hand is around your cock? Our relationship is so important to me, and I can’t have this awkwardness between us. So let’s do this & enjoy ourselves. Consider this the start to a great week we’re going to have together.

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