Brea Rose – Mom Takes Sons Virginity

I am doing a charity cam stream to earn as much money as possible, I know I need to put on a really good show to earn lots of money for charity. So I have my son with me who is a virgin, he is very submissive and will do as he is told, I have dressed him up and I cuff his hands and attach his collar to mine. I encourage you to tip me and ask you what you want to see us do together, the guys say they want to see me fuck him, but I tell them they must tip me a lot to do that, but they do it, these guys must love giving to charity! I put a condom on my son and he fucks me for all the guys to see, but they want to see me fuck him without the condom, and they know i’m willing to do anything to earn as much money as possible for charity. So I take his condom off and tell him its perfectly fine, as i encourage him to fuck his mommy until he cums, who knows, maybe he will even get me pregnant!

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