Brookelynne Briar – Stroking For Big Sis On Family Vacation

Hey little bother! Time for dinner! Why are you hanging out here all by yourself? Are you sulking because I’m going to be heading off to college soon? Oh, admit it – you are totally going to miss me. But hey, don’t worry. I’ll still be around for holidays. Don’t let that ruin this weekend. Mom and Dad have worked so hard putting this vacation together, so try to enjoy it – okay? I know what will cheer you ! Let’s play that game. You know, the one we use to play. The one where you show me yours and I show you mine. I’ve changed A LOT since we last played. And I’m sure you have too! I’ll go first. See how full and pink my pussy is now. How perky my tits have become. You like what you see don’t you? I can tell because your hard cock is leaking precum through your pants. Now it’s your turn! Get that cock out for me. Oh my god, you’ve gotten so big! Looking at your cock is totally making me wet. I want to watch you jerk it for me. Show me how you are going to jerk off while I’m away. How about I play with my pussy and make myself come so that you will have something to stoke to. Would you like that? Holy fuck, keep tugging to me! I want you to cum with me, little brother! I want to watch you drain your balls while I climax. Oh, yes!! God!! That was so hot! Now get yourself cleaned up and let’s go down for dinner.

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