Brooklyn Chase – Trick Or Treat Stroke And Repeat

I am getting ready for Halloween by wearing a super skimpy and sexy costume that shows off my massive tits, so I cannot really blame you watching me in secret. Do not worry, it is okay for you to look at my boobs since I am not your real mom, only your stepmom. I am just having a tough time keeping my tits in my top. Do you think that is going to be a problem? What about when I take my tits out and starts rubbing them for you. You do not have a problem with that, do you? I want you to imagine your face pressed up against my boobs while you jerk off. Grab your dick and stroke it how you would fuck my juicy, MILF pussy. I am going to cum just watching you get harder and harder. Who needs trick or treating when we can stay in and watch each other get off?

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