Buddahs Playground – Daddys out of Town Honey

Oh honey, I love it when your dad goes out of town on his business trips, don’t you? We always take total advantage of our time alone and finally get to show one another our true desire for one another. I realize that we can never tell anyone what we do. honey, come here, mommy needs to exercise a little bit. I am wearing my tight leggings and a cute sports bra. I can see your manhood already standing at attention. You don’t have to hide it from mommy. I will make sure it gets taken care of. Mommy is so horny for you honey. Come and see what mommy does to herself. Yes honey, it is naughty, but we need this time together. Don’t worry, it will always be our little secret. We don’t need to feel bad, your dad will never know what’s going on between us. its his fault for leaving us alone all the time anyway! now come and play with mommy honey.

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