Buddahs Playground – Mutual Masturbation with Mommy

I didn’t see you there. Why are you home so early? I was here at home waiting for your father, but it looks like he is a no show again. What? You think I’m sexy ? You know how wrong that is ! Do you know what other people would say.. what they would think? I confess that I think you are sexy too, and I want to show you some of mommy’s body parts and have you do some very naughty things with me ok?

Iy HAS to be our secret. I know that what you are seeing is very arousing. You don’t have to be shy or hold back. It will just be something that we will keep as a secret between you and I. Since your father is too busy for mommy, I will let you have some of the good stuff he is missing out on.


Download file – 137.0 MB
Download file – 137.0 MB

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