Buddahs Playground – Pinup Mommy Seduction

Today mommy is wearing a beautiful,sexy vintage bathing suit with red pumps that make her look so so sexy. She was yelling out daddy’s name ,but soon figured out that ” daddy” wasn’t home. She then runs into you. Her adoring son. She explains that she has this new bathing suit and that she wanted your dad to check it out an make sure that it looked ok. She then asks if you would mind checking it out for her. She explains that she is worried that her body might be firm enough like all of the younger girls…. girls YOUR age, she explains. She then proceeds to ask you to touch her and carries her to compare the younger girls to her body. She also makes sure to request that you kindly keep it between the two of you because people might not exactly agree. She does tell you that she secretly thinks you are sexy and asks you to come close and explore her body. Mommy is decked to the gill with her bright red lipstick and sexy red polished nails too. She leaves no detail to be desired!


Download file – 117.5 MB
Download file – 117.5 MB