BuniBun – Cheating On Your Girlfriend With Mommy

MILF, Creampie, Mommy Roleplay, Cheating, Single Mom, Virtual Sex

Your visiting your mom and you brought your new girlfriend Kayla to meet your mom for the first time. You and your girlfriend get to your moms house real late and your girlfriend goes to bed by the time she gets to really meet your mom. Your mom was about to come get you to say goodnight but first she wants to have a little talk with you before she heads off to bed herself. She invites you into her bedroom, telling you how much she misses you and asks if your new girlfriend is treating you right. She then tells you somewhat jokingly that mommy can take care of you better and in other ways then your girlfriend Kayla can. Your mom points out your hardon and mentions you mustve missed mommy since you have a hardon, and she wants to take care of it for you and take care of her special boy. She takes off her robe and starts sucking your cock until she tells you she wants to fuck you. While fucking she says things like Does Kayla let you do this? Doesnt mommy fuck you better then Kayla? and you fuck in mommys room until you cum inside mommy.

Duration: 0:27:54 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 2.08 GB

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