Auntie is staying with us and she encourages you to masturbate as she applies lotion

You are thrilled that your mom’s sister is staying with you. She is hot just like mommy. She has that tight body and huge tits! You wonder into her room as she is trying to get ready for a date. She is only wearing a hot red bra and white lace panties. You dick immediately gets hard as you see her bending down in her closet.

She invites you into her room and she calls you out. She knows how you have been watching her and she loves it! She is flattered that her hot body turns on a young guys such as yourself. She tells you her skin is dry and that she needs to apply lotion everywhere. Your heart starts racing as you can’t believe that she wants you to stroke your young, hard cock as she applies her lotion! Get your cum rag ready because Auntie wants a huge load!


Download file – 107.1 MB
Download file – 107.1 MB