Rae Knight xxx – Aunty Swallows

Butt3rflyforu – Aunty Swallows
You are staying at your Aunt’s for the summer. Your mom sends you every summer to spend quality time with her sister. You walk in my bedroom and I am getting ready for work, naked of course. I forgot you were now in the house since I picked you up very late last night. I quickly covered my myself with a towel but you already caught a good glimpse at my hot, naked body. You have always had a crush on your aunt. She is rocking hot with her huge double dd’s and tight body. I apologize for forgetting you were staying with me and tell you that I took a half day at work so we could spend the day together. As I am saying that my towel drops, accidently!”Opps, darn thing won’t stay up!” You feel your cock begin to stiffen and I notice it! “Oh dear honey, is that what I think it is?” “Did my naked body give you that erection?”….come to my bed and let your aunt milk and suck you honey….I can’t leave you like this!!!

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