Rae Knight xxx – Be My Valentine Honey

You have been working very hard and you wanted to surprise for Valentine’s Day with two special gifts!!! You went to the store and selected a very sexy red sun dress and a new pair of very expensive shoes!!! You know how I love shoes, but these were over the top expensive!!! They are the red bottoms, Louboutin’s!!! I come in my room, just as you finished gift wrapping. I noticed the gift bag and large box on my bed..I knew right away they were from you!!! OMG honey!!! “You shouldn’t have”! You must have been working double time to afford two gifts!!! You insist I open them!! I sit down and unwrap the dress first….”WOW!!” “You have the best taste in sexy dresses!” Now, for the second gift…OMG!!! “You didn’t!” “How can you afford these?!” “Honey, I am speechless, you bought me the most expensive designer shoes!!!” I am in total shock and I realize how much you love and care for me…you want me to enjoy the finer things in life!!! I sip and shoes and the dress on! They are a perfect fit! “Ok honey!!”, since you bought me these, I am treating you to dinner and when we return, I am giving you one of my personal best massages!”…we get home from dinner…go back to mommy’s bed and I tell you to lay down…I straddle on top of you…you have no shirt on…mommy’s bare pussy is rubbing on your belly…mommy didn’t put on panties since we were in a rush when I was trying on your gifts!!! You are getting aroused feeling mommy’s moisture begin to drip onto you…I notice you have a huge lump in your jeans…I ask if I am arousing you…..I ask you to please take your hard cock out! Mommy hasn’t had sex in so long….and I didn’t realize how big you are…just let me rub on your shaft with no panties on…I want to feel your girthy cock between my legs!!! I begin rubbing…and I ask “What if the tip slips in?”….I don’t care actually…I need it…I want it…I had no idea my baby boy was so well endowed!!!! Make Love to me!!!! Cum inside me!!!! I love you honey!!! This is the best valentines gift ever!!! YOUR SEED!!!

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