Rae Knight xxx – Blackmailing My New Step Mom

Blackmail Fantasy, MILF, Taboo
You come home and find your new ,hot step mom looking at a bank statement and looking very concerned! You grabbed the statement out of her hands to see what all the fuss was about and you see why!!! There is a $3000 charge for a new sexy dress and $1000 for matching shoes!!! She tells you that it is none of your business and to give the statement back!!! She tells you not to tell your dad , that she just moved in and doesn’t want him to think that she is a spend thrift! You tell her that Dad will not like this at all!!! But you have a way to keep your mouth shut if she will corporate!!! She tells you just to give it back and not tell your dad and that she will do anything to keep your trap closed!!! You tell her to do a sexy strip tease out of that new $3000 dress!!! She is shocked and appalled!!! “Ok Ok, I will do a strip but that’s it”!!! Your dad will be home any minute!!! She strips slowly out of the dress and your cock grows stiffer and stiffer! You now tell her to get on her knees and work her tongue and mouth all over your young cock!!! Or else!

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