Rae Knight xxx – Do You Need One Of Mommy’s Special Touches?

MILF, Taboo, Sensual Domination, Handjobs, Older Woman / Younger Man
Butt3rflyforu – Do You Need Special Touch From Mom
Mommy comes in your room on a Saturday morning and you are still in bed looking very sad. I ask why you aren’t up and playing with your friends today? You tell mommy that you were turned down my a girl from school. I try to console you and tell you that the girl must not be too bright! I tell you that I know exactly what you need!!! Remember when you were younger and mommy used to give you one of those special massages? You remember? Down there? Let mommy give you one of her special touches and you will soon forget what happened at school!!! Mommy has a magical way of making you feel so much better. Mommy rolls your blanket back and can already see you are ready for her special touch!

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