Rae Knight xxx – Give Mom More Than Flowers Valentine

I come home from a little shopping on Valentine’s Day. I come in my room wearing a new red dress that I treated myself!!! Since mommy hasn’t had a significant other, I decided to buy myself something new! I see you in my bedroom holding a gift bag! “Oh my honey, is that for me”? You tell me that you wanted to get something very special for mommy on Valentine’s Day! I open the bag and pull out the sexiest red teddy I have ever seen!!! ” Oh my , sweetie, let me try it on.” “Close your eyes and mommy will put it on!” You tell me your eyes are closed, but you peek because you are so excited to see mommy in this sexy teddy! I put it on and notice that I have accidentally aroused you!!! “Oh honey, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to excite you!!! “You can’t function the rest of the day with that in your pants!” “Why don’t you show mommy what you do when you are in private.” “It’s ok, mommy wants to see you masturbate right in front of me and mommy can even help you if you need it!” I feel responsible so let mommy assist you!!! I love you !

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