Rae Knight xxx – Home With Mommy For July 4th

You surprise your mom by coming home from being deployed overseas for July 4th! Mommy was outside watering her garden, passing the time, alone. She has been very lonely since you left over a year ago. She is not dating anyone and really misses her boy. You sneak up on her and to her surprise and delight, you are standing right in front of her!!!! She is overjoyed and turns off the hose and tells you to come inside. She hasn’t had any sex since you left. She asks you if you remember making love to her before you left. She tells you that she hasn’t had anyone else in her life and misses your intimacy together. Mommy starts to rub her pussy showing you how wet she is. She tells you that she needs you. She misses having you inside her. She unzips your pants and places her warm, soft lips around your hard cock. You stand there looking down at her perfectly round and tanned ass. You start throbbing knowing mommy is sucking your cock. You lay her down and slide your throbbing manhood up inside her, making mad passionate love to your mommy…..It feels so good….SOOOO good to be home.

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