Rae Knight xxx – Hurry You Will Be Late For School

I caught you jerking off in the morning when you should have been up and getting ready for school. The school bus comes in 20 minutes! I tell you to get up and that I am not taking you to the bus stop!!!!! I notice that the bed covers is like a huge tent and I see movement from your hand underneath! I turn around to leave but the curiosity of that huge tent has me mystified! I turn around and close the door….I open my bathrobe , to which I am wearing a hot lave bra that shows mommy’s enormous cleavage! I crawl on the bed towards you and ask if you need a hand with that. I tell you that daddy isn’t capable of giving me what I need and is down right lousy in bed. I begin taking off my robe and start touching your cock through the bed covers. I can tell you are so hard and I haven’t had that is a long time!!!! I remove the covers and being licking and suckling on your manhood. You begin leaking precum and my pussy is starting to leak juices….I tell you that I need sex…good sex from a hard cock….I slowly take off my lace panties and turn around after sucking on you….I ask you to slide it up inside of me doggystyle so I get the deepest penetration….oh honey….that feels amazing…..you can feel my wetness on your shaft…you being pumping mommy…back and forth until I cum all over your cock..I beg you to cum inside of me….honey I need you to fill me up…I will make sure you are taken care of before you go off to school…

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