Inappropriate Pediatric Physician

Your mom has concerns about you. You are constantly getting erections in the classroom and can not resist masturbating right there in front of your classmates. You walk around constantly hard and your teacher isn’t helping. Your mom confides in the best psychiatric pediatric physician in town.

You are dropped off since your mom is a true believer in confidentiality and all the new HIPAA rules and regulations in the medical field. You walk into her office to and whoaaaaa!!!!! Long shiny brunette hair, huge titties, long legs with fishnet stockings, and fuck me pumps. Her white coat caressing her huge tits!! Those tits are about to bust out.!!!! You immediately walk in and get a huge, hard erection that fills your balls up with so much cum. You are imagining all the dirty things you want to do to her!!!! Dr. Knight asks how you touch yourself, and what feels good. She tells you to start stroking it like this… does that feel? She notices you are filling up in your balls and doesn’t want you to have a build up so she recommends relieving them before you go back to school!


Download file – 125.8 MB
Download file – 125.8 MB