Rae Knight xxx – Mommy Comes in Handy

Summer just started and you were roller blading home from school. You tripped on some rocks and fell. You broke both arms and was in the ER all last night. I am heading out to work but I peek in your room to see if you need mommy for anything before I am off to work! I won’t be back to check in on your til lunch time so now is your chance to take advantage of mommy since you can’t do much with two broken arms. You tell me you don’t need pain meds and you just had breakfast but there is something under the sheets that I notice. I asked you what is going on and I realize you are getting aroused and having your morning wood. You are a young man and have needs and you ask me if I could possibly stay a little longer and help you out. I am very hesitant since that would be highly inappropriate but I realize you will get blue balls and that would be very painful. I come inside and roll the sheets back to see your extremely hard manhood. I place my soft hand on it and some lube and begin giving you the most sensual hand job ever! I encourage you to cum for mommy to relieve yourself. I really focus on the swollen head and I remove my top to expose mommy’s large breasts. This throws you over the top and you begin releasing your load on mommy’s large breasts!!! Mommy will be back and here to help you at lunchtime!

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