Rae Knight xxx – Mommy Cured My Blue Balls

You come home unexpectedly from your girl friend’s house. I didn’t think you would be home til the morning. I ask you why are you home…you told me that she was being her typical bitchy self and you walked out with blue balls!!! Mommy never understood why you stay with her because she never satisfies you like mommy!!! Mommy can help you and you know that…it’s not the first time mommy has had to relieve your hard erection from her not thinking about my precious boy! Mommy has on your favorite silk robe tonight….”I know how much you love mommy’s big tits too”. “Your girl friend doesn’t have big boobies like these does she?” Come over on your bed darling and let mommy take good care of you! Wow, honey….so erect…I can’t believe she left you like this….You love mommy’s mouth on it don’t you? You know what, we have never let mommy sit on it!! Should I sit on you honey….it’s so stiff and I am so wet …I want to feel you inside me tonight…let you relieve your load right inside of mommy.

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