Rae Knight xxx – My Hot Stepmom

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I just got home from the gym. I’m still wearing my white, hot yoga gym pants and I am on the phone with someone and you are eavesdropping on my conversation!!! You hear me say how good the sex was in the bathroom gym and that I haven’t been fucked like that in years!!! I catch you eavesdropping and hang up abruptly. You tell me you overheard it all. You very smug and tell me to bend over in my yoga pants. I bend over as you wish and suddenly I hear your camera phone taking pictures of my ass!!! I tell you to stop it and storm off into my bedroom. Later that evening, you are spying on me through the door. You watch me changing into my satin nightie. You finally come in and you can see I am visibly pissed at you still for earlier when you took pictures of my ass! You start making a phone call to your dad. I ask who you are talking to and you say “DAD”! I beg you to put the phone down but you tell me to get naked and ride your young, horny cock or you are going to tell Dad everything….he will soon find out about your hot sex in the gym!!! I demand that you give me the phone….you hand it over and I say “hello”. OMG it is your dad on the other end!!! I suddenly take you serious and begin getting naked and doing whatever you tell me to do!!! I will ride your cock and let you fuck me doggy until you cum deep inside of me!!! JUST DON’T TELL YOUR DAD!!!

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