Rae Knight xxx – Oh No, Honey! You Took The Wrong Pill

I find you in your dad’s medicine cabinet searching for what you think you found was vitamin C. I find you just after you swallow 3 pills! I ask you what you took and you think it was Vitamin C!!!! “OMG honey, No no no, that is your father’s viagra!” “You don’t need that honey, you are a young man that gets aroused just looking at mommy’s cleavage or camel toe in my yoga pants!”…”OMG how many did you take!” THREE!!! OMGGG>..ok ok…I need to call 911 and find out if you need to go to the hospital or what I need to do!!!! Poison control told me you need to masturbate at least 3 times for each pill you took!!! So go into your bedroom with a magazine and if you need help, or can’t get any cummies out, come back to mommy’s bedroom ok!!!! I finish straightening you around the house and my bedroom and you walk in….still rock hard and throbbing….”you need mommy sweetheart?!…come sit down on mommy’s bed , take off your pants and let mommy help you…..Let me take my blouse off because you are going to have a huge release and I need to help you get all the cummies out….how does mommy’s hand feel baby? Good boy, there..u see….one cummies aleady out….ok…let me put mommys warm mouth and lips on it……ok let’s get a few more out…

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