Rae Knight xxx – Your Step Moms Christmas Outfit Made You Throb

Taboo, Costume, MILF, Female Domination
Your dad is out of town and you catch me getting ready for the neighborhood Christmas Party….they are even having a costume contest and I would love to win first place so I need your opinion on which of my two outfits look better….You have secretly been so attracted to me….your young dick gets so throbbing when you see me…my long black shiny hair, tight body and huge tits just make you want to pound this pussy…the pussy that your dad is fucking…You come in my room and I ask you to stay…I start putting on the outfit and you do everything you can to hide the huge lump in your jeans…but I notice….I am trying very hard to be accepted in this family….I am new here and want to be included….so I tell you to help me pick one…..I slowly take one off and put the other one on…..white fishnets…..tiny red velvet booty shorts and a bra that is clearly too small that my nipples are falling out! I know your have a raging boner and taunt and tease you…telling you I have always wanted you…I want to feel how different a younger cock feels compared to your dad….something about fucking young guys makes me so horny and wet….the idea of having taboo cock is so exciting…and don’t worry , your dad isn’t here and he certainly doesn’t need to ever find out! You know you want to taste and feel this poison pussy!!! The one pussy you shouldn’t have but you know that you will give in to the feeling of it!!! You are at my mercy….no dad around for a while and my gorgeous body and willing pussy ready for you!!! And remember your dad can NEVER find out….It’s our little secret!!!

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