Call Me Mommy And Cum With Me

Come on, son, let’s have a little fun. Your dad is out for the day, I’m horny as hell, and I know you want me. Don’t act so innocent. I know that you fantasize about me when you jerk off. Hell, the only reason you volunteer to do the laundry around here is so you can smell my worn panties, pantyhose, and socks. Or did you think I didn’t know? I can see you staring at my tits right now. Do you want to see them out of my top? You have to beg me, first. Go on, say “Mommy, I want to see your tits.” I want to hear you say it. I don’t care that we’re almost the same age. I’m your step mother and you have to do whatever I tell you to do. You wouldn’t want me to tell your daddy that you didn’t obey me, do you?I had no idea your cock was so big! I bet you’d love it if I gave you a hand job, wouldn’t you. Then ask for it! Say “Mom, please jerk me off.” I love hearing you beg for my touch while I jerk you off. Mommy is going to make you stroke your cock for her now while she fingers herself. Can you hear how wet Mommy is getting? I’m soaking my pantyhose right through. Stroke your cock just the way Mommy tells you and help me cum, and I’ll give you a special present.

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