Casey Cumz – Best friends hot mom

I see you sitting outside my house as I come walking up the driveway. I walk up to you and say hello, then I ask if you are waiting for my son. After you say yes I ask if you are one his friends. No you respond but say you are here to meet up to work on a school project together. Your a little early though so you figured it would be ok to wait out front instead of sitting in your hot car. Thats fine with me. I sit down and light up a cigarette. I start talking to you, but you can’t stop staring at my huge tits. I bust you out about starting at them, but in a teasing way. “I don’t care if you stare” As I reach out and touch your leg. I start teasing you by gently touching the edge of my shirt where my cleavage starts. “So…. Do you play sports? You look like you do?” I can see you getting hard now and its turning me on. I get up and give you a cougar strip tease out of my cardigan and jeans.“I bet no girls in your grade play with you like this” I come and sit back in front of you and you start to move in closer to me……… You pull out that dick of yours and start fucking a milf. Your so excited and you bust a nut a little to quick. But she says its ok and ask if you are coming back over tomorrow to work on your science project.


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