Strawberryshortcak3 – Babysitter JOI

Your babysitter walks in your room to find you masturbating. Oh my God! Are you seriously jerking off while your babysitter is over? You don’t even look like you’re having fun. Would you like me to help you? You say you would and I instruct you to wrap your hand around your cock and slowly start to jerk off. I tease you by unzipping my hoodie and showing you my cleavage then my big tits. I take off my shirt and tease you with my boobs before taking off my jeans and showing you my ass. I spread it and tease you by Twerking. You can just imagine fucking your babysitter can’t you? I take my jeans off and dirty talk to you until I encourage you to cum with a cum countdown.

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Natalie Wonder – Sucking And Fucking To Get Your Warm Cummies Out

Hey. I came to lay with you. Why not? Too bad. I’m your babysitter. I’m supposed to be looking after you so in order to look after you I need to stay REALLY CLOSE. Were you about to jerk off? Haha, am I not supposed to say things like that because I’m your baby-sitter and should set a good example? Hmmmm I supposed you’re still kinda young and might not even know what that means yet. I knew what it meant at your age. It means were you gonna touch your peepee? No privacy for you tonight. My job is to keep a close eye and to keep you entertained. But YOU can keep ME entertained too. I bet your peepee is getting hard since I’m laying so close to you talking about peepees, dicks, jerking off and fucking. No I’m not going to stop. Stop being a big baby! Do you realize how jealous all your friends would be if they knew your hot babysitter was coming on to you? You’re such a scaredy cat. It’s okay to be nervous. Secretly, you want me to touch it. You’re a horny lil boy. Come on…it’ll feel really good. I can show you stuff. Mmm lots of really good stuff. Like what it’s like to have a warm mouth wrapped around your hard little horny dick. Are you going to say no to me? Mmmmmm no…you’re not. I’m going to suck on you like this…and then you’re going to be a big boy and fuck me. I’m gonna suck, fuck and get that warm cummies out of you…

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Kelly Payne – I’m Your Real Mommy

You’ve been in a foster home, and your parents have hired Kelly to babysit. What they don’t know is I’m your birth mom, and have been searching everywhere to find you. Finally with you so close to me, I suggest we cuddle so you can remember me. A little shy at first because mommy suggests we cuddle naked, but agreeing to try. feeling close & warm cuddling with mommy. Mommy shares a special treat, she’s been saving her breast milk for you this entire time, mommy knows you’ll remember once you nurse from her. While nursing your hand drifts in between mommy’s thighs, don’t worry you used to do that all the time, mommy encourages you to keep rubbing and ends up cumming. (VS) Afterwards, she notices how sleepy you look, mommy cuddles you in and reassures you mommy’s never going anywhere ever again, you’ll always be together forever. Sweet dreams my sweet little boy.

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Noelle Easton – MILF Babysitter Seduces Young Boy

When your mom called me to babysit you tonight, I was so excited! She’ll be gone all night, so I jump at the chance to have you to myself all night. You’ve just had a birthday haven’t you?! Can you guess what the present I have for you is? I’m going to undress and play with you, but you have to get naked too! I want to see that yummy developing young cock. I can’t help but get so turned on touching your hairless smooth young dick. I’m going to teach you how to pleasure a woman with your young mouth and tongue. Stare up at me as I teach you how to work my clit. After you give me two orgasms with your mouth, it’s time to try out that young dick. You better get hard! I’m going to suck it and stroke it until I make you orgasm. I can’t believe I finally got to make a young boy cum!

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Carmen Valentina, Sydney Paige – Mom And Babysitter Fuck Son

Mom is interviewing a beautiful blonde to be your new babysitter, she explains that you have a special bedtime routine that the babysitter needs to be comfortable with, mom shows babysitter your routine then has her try it out for herself.

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Tigger Rosey – Babysitter Sex Education With K9 Dog

You tell “me” (the camera) that the last time you babysit for me, I had lots of questions about sex, so this time you’re going to do a demonstration for me. You say that I’m a little too young to have sex with you myself, but even though it’s a little different with dogs than men, maybe if you have sex with my dog Rover (you can give the dog a different name if you want) I’ll get the general idea. You call Rover over and the POV switches to “dog’s eye view” for the rest. You say that the first thing to do is to get the male in the mood, and give Rover a little striptease. Once naked, you give him a good view of your breasts and bush, then turn around, bend over and shake your booty for him. You say that it looks like Rover likes what he sees, since his cock is starting to come out. You say that at this point, the woman should make sure the male is as excited and as hard as possible, and the best way to do that is to use her mouth. You get on your knees, tell Rover to stand still and start sucking his dick (the K9 dildo). While servicing him, you point out that one big difference is that the dog will be shooting precum from when he starts getting hard until his climax, while a man just has the one big ejaculation. While giving him more licking and sucking, you ask Rover if it feels good, and tell him how good he tastes. You say that you can tell from how his hind leg is twitching, this dog is in heaven right now. Finally, you say that you think he’s ready for the main event. You explain that you’re going to let Rover have your pussy, and this is also a little different than with a human – while a man can try to control himself to prolong the experience, a dog will pound the pussy as hard as possible to loosen it up for his knot. You ask Rover if he’s ready, then get on all fours and let him penetrate you doggystyle, and he pounds you hard and fast as you moan with pleasure and beg him to fuck you. After pounding you for awhile, Rover starts to slow down. You say that he’s getting ready to knot, and quickly turn over into a missionary position. “Ok Rover, be a good boy and finish me off,” you say. After a few last hard thrusts he gets the knot in, you explain how he just had his orgasm and is now shooting his sperm into you, and the knot is there to hold his cum inside the female to ensure she gets pregnant. While you grind your hips on his cock, you continue encouraging him to drain his balls, and saying how big his load is. When he’s finally done ejaculating, his cock slides out of you and you spread your legs to show the creampie. “Look at all that doggie cum,” you say, and explain that a dog’s sperm can’t actually get a human woman pregnant, but if he could, Rover would have just knocked you up for sure. You ask me if I understand a little more about sex. You say that Rover can have some pussy from you anytime he wants, so the next time you babysit I can watch you and the dog have sex again if I still have any questions.

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AnnabelleRogers – Big Boobed Babysitter

As you wake up from your nap I come to introduce myself as your babysitter. You are sick and I am here to take care of you for the day. You refuse to play games with me or eat anything I offer to cook for you. I then ask if you like big boobs which makes you happy. I want to make you feel better so I lift up my shirt and bounce my boobs for you. You seem to like it so I start bouncing them even more for you. I then notice that something in your pants starts to grow and realize that my boobs have given you a big boner. I join you where you are lying and give you a handjob until you cum in my hands.

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Tigger Rosey – Babysitting Ryan Virtual Sex

Custom video babysitter virtual sex. Your babysitting him but his parents are having a party at their house but your going to have secret sex sessions with the boy in front of his parents. First scene is your sitting in the couch with Ryan, his parents are playing board games with their guest. Your whispering to Ryan if he wants to also play a game with you. You take a blanket and cover Ryan with it. I want this to be in a pov setting. You take your hand under the blanket and you start to stroke Ryan’s dick. You whisper to him can I suck your dick and you can put your own dialogue, but your stroking his cock and talking at the same time. You take his tiny cock and you start sucking on it. While talking to his parents at the same time. Then you do a virtual cowgirl scene, your moaning a lot but your trying to hide then you tell him you want him to cum inside you. But you can tell his confuse on what that means so you say it’s ok I will show you Ryan and you start to ride him harder until he cums inside of you. For the last scene you tell Ryan’s parents that your going to put him to bed. You go to his room his laying down in the bed while your sitting right next to him. You say wow Ryan your cock is still hard, are all boys like you this horny?. Then you start to give him a blowjob. Then you tell him to fuck you doggy style and end it with a missionary creampie.

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Lady Fyre – Babysitter Milks Your Cock

You’re in a cabin the woods on vacation but you can’t sleep so you’ve been trying to masturbate. Your little brother is in the room next to you, and you’ve kept him awake with your grunting. He woke up the babysitter to have her check on you, and when she comes in she realizes what the problem is. You’ve been trying to jerk off using two fingers, and she takes your cock out of your underwear & shows you how to use your whole hand. She tells you to pay attention because this is the only time she’s going to jerk you off. She explains that she really needs the job, and your parents were cool enough to bring her on the family vacation. If she can’t keep you boys quiet, she won’t get to come on more trips. You’re not cumming fast enough, so she shows off her butt a little. You still won’t cum, so she finally pulls out a bare breast. That seems to do the trick, and you cum hard with her hand around your cock. You were a little embarrassed when she first walked in, but this turned into the best family vacation ever.

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Lady Fyre – Your New Babysitter

Your new babysitter is so hot that when she comes into your room to tuck you in, you know you’re not going to be able to sleep. She’s already let you stay up too late, so your parents are going to be home soon. She begs you to please go to sleep. She knows if you’re still awake when your parents get home she’ll lose her job. You’re too old for a bedtime story, so she shyly suggests you play with yourself. “My boyfriend says that helps him sleep,” the hot redhead explains. But you have no idea what she’s talking about. “You know, jerk off,” and she makes a weird hand motion. You still don’t know what she’s talking about. She knows it’s not fair if she doesn’t explain what she means, so she tells you to pull down your pajama bottoms & jerk off. She shows you how. She feels guilty about it, but you simply must be asleep when your parents get home. You’re not finishing fast enough, so she lifts her skirt, pulls aside her panties & shows you her pussy. That gets you much harder, so she starts to play with yourself encourages you to jerk faster. But then she gets so turned on while watching you that she has an orgasm. It’s so amazing to watch this super hot babysitter writhing in pleasure. You’ve never seen an orgasm before & you shoot your first load all over yourself. She tells you to clean yourself up. She looks embarrassed, but she says that if you’re asleep when your parents get home, maybe they’ll ask her back again & she can put you to sleep like this again next time.

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