Ava Nicks – Babysitter Sucks You Off First Time

Your parents hired me to do a job and I’m confident I can get it done. I need to get you up and at it this summer and to practice on time weekly. You are impossible to get going in the morning! I pull back the covers and see that we are in a very awkward situation. You have a morning wood?! Is this why you didn’t want to get up in front of me? We are so late for practice and I need to speed this up. Let me help you with that, just don’t tell anyone this is not in my job description. Let me work that young cock and those tight balls, it’s natural after all. I can be a safe place for you and maybe even show you a thing or two. Give your mature busty babysitter that load sweetheart, it’s ok I can take it. After were done here you NEED to get up!

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Ashley Alban – Getting Freaky With The Babysitter

Your babysitter comes over after school to watch you while your mom works late. She tells you that she is going to try on some new clothes upstairs, but she’ll start making you dinner after. You have a huge crush on her, and you want to see her change, so you sneak upstairs to spy on her. She slides off her plaid skirt, and you can’t believe she’s not wearing any panties underneath! She tries on a pair on nude pantyhose first, and her ass and pussy look so hot. Next, she tries on some leggings. As she is checking out the camel toe they give her, she notices you watching. She smiles and says that she’s not mad. She sees that you have a boner and asks if it is your first one. She tells you it is ok and to come into the bedroom with her. She tells you that it is ok to touch yourself if you get turned on; it’s perfectly natural. She asks if you have seen breasts in real life before. You say no, so she takes off her tank top and shows off her perky boobs. Then she stands and asks if you liked staring at her butt when she was changing. She removes her leggings and bends over and spreads her cheeks to show you her asshole and pussy. Suddenly, she gets an idea. She says that since you liked her pantyhose so much, she wants you to put a pair on. She shows you how to do it by putting on a black pair herself. She tells you to rub yourself through the pantyhose and she continues to tease you. Then, she rips open her tights from the back, freeing her ass, and she instructs you to do the same. She tells you to stroke your dick. As she bends over and spreads again, she tells you that it would be fun if you fingered your ass while you stroke. She shows you how to do it. Then, she gets on the bed and fingers herself as she tells you to continue to stroke and finger your asshole. It’s so hot and naughty, it isn’t long until you both cum.

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Noelle Easton – Cougar Babysitter

NoelleEastonxxx – Cougar BabiiSitter
Older Woman / Younger Man, Cougar, MILF, Age Play, Jerk Off Instruction
Your young, innocent gaze catches my attention as I look up and notice you eye-fucking me. I explain that it’s wrong to stare, especially at your older babiisitter. After teasing you, I decide that it actually kind of turns me on to see you want me so badly. Your young, pure mind is curious and ready to start exploring. I’ve noticed you rubbing yourself over your pants, but I can show you how to really touch yourself. Just watch as I undress and tease your young, innocent mind. Give in to the feeling and touch yourself just like I tell you to. If you follow my instructions you’ll have your first orgasm, I can’t wait to see you squirm and moan with pleasure.

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Natalie Wonder – How I Met And Fucked Your Father Right In Front Of Your Oblivious Mother

Script –> The story would be how you are my mother’s friend & also my babysitter when I was younger. My mother never wanted to invite you over when my dad was home but since it was my birthday, she did. My dad sees you & falls in love with you. You sneakily have sex with him multiple times all over the house during the party. My mother doesn’t even notice! Also, please use a small dildo to simulate the hand job you give my dad and interpret the best way you can. Story: I think it’s time I tell you how your father & I hooked up. I wasn’t just your babysitter but also your mother’s friend. Your mother never wanted to invite me over because she knew I was your dad’s type. But since it was your birthday she had no choice. She knew you’d be very upset if I wasn’t there. You had the cutest crush on me. You even began calling me mommy. So, I come over that day & see your dad standing outside. His mouth dropped as soon as he saw me, haha, it was funny. I gave him a nice tight hug & a big kiss on the lips. I felt his tiny cock press against my leg & it got rock hard right then and there! I slid my hand down his pants & grabbed it. Your mother didn’t see it but kept rolling her eyes. I jokingly said to your father, “Well, THAT’S a greeting!” I told him it must be the stress from the party. I said he should sit next to me & I’ll help him get a handle on things. Hearing me say that made him drip precum on my hands, haha. I zipped him back up, spanked his butt & pushed him in the house. I asked your mom for a tissue to wipe my wet hand. She didn’t even bother asking how I got my hand wet! She’s so stupid & oblivious sometimes. Your dad did not leave my sight! He sat on my right & you sat on my left. That’s when the real fun began! You had the cutest crush on me. Like father, like son. You kept holding my hand during dinner. It was so cute! Well, I guess I can tell you now where my other hand was that night. Don’t you remember your dad moaning? The other guests noticed too. My beautiful hand was wrapped around your father’s tiny stiff cock. Yeah, you could say I had my hands full with both of you. I barely ate. And he came so many times in my hand while I jerked his horny little cock. Your dad loved it. I was impressed that tiny dick had so much juice for me! Your mom was right to fear me all along. Your father wanted more than just hand jobs though. He stood up suddenly, grabbed my hand and said “We’ll be right back.” Once again, your mom was such an oblivious idiot! We went to the master bedroom and kept the door open to add to the suspense. (Simulated fucking part begins) I fucked your father in ways he’d never been fucked before! He ate my ass with such passion! I even sucked his little dick & let him cum in my mouth. When we finally came down my hair was messed but your mom didn’t even notice. I kissed her goodbye with your dad’s cum still on my lips. She noticed & her eyes went wide! She was mumbling & stuttering, trying to say something but she couldn’t. Hehe, and then I left.

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Strawberryshortcak3 – Babysitter JOI

Your babysitter walks in your room to find you masturbating. Oh my God! Are you seriously jerking off while your babysitter is over? You don’t even look like you’re having fun. Would you like me to help you? You say you would and I instruct you to wrap your hand around your cock and slowly start to jerk off. I tease you by unzipping my hoodie and showing you my cleavage then my big tits. I take off my shirt and tease you with my boobs before taking off my jeans and showing you my ass. I spread it and tease you by Twerking. You can just imagine fucking your babysitter can’t you? I take my jeans off and dirty talk to you until I encourage you to cum with a cum countdown.

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Natalie Wonder – Sucking And Fucking To Get Your Warm Cummies Out

Hey. I came to lay with you. Why not? Too bad. I’m your babysitter. I’m supposed to be looking after you so in order to look after you I need to stay REALLY CLOSE. Were you about to jerk off? Haha, am I not supposed to say things like that because I’m your baby-sitter and should set a good example? Hmmmm I supposed you’re still kinda young and might not even know what that means yet. I knew what it meant at your age. It means were you gonna touch your peepee? No privacy for you tonight. My job is to keep a close eye and to keep you entertained. But YOU can keep ME entertained too. I bet your peepee is getting hard since I’m laying so close to you talking about peepees, dicks, jerking off and fucking. No I’m not going to stop. Stop being a big baby! Do you realize how jealous all your friends would be if they knew your hot babysitter was coming on to you? You’re such a scaredy cat. It’s okay to be nervous. Secretly, you want me to touch it. You’re a horny lil boy. Come on…it’ll feel really good. I can show you stuff. Mmm lots of really good stuff. Like what it’s like to have a warm mouth wrapped around your hard little horny dick. Are you going to say no to me? Mmmmmm no…you’re not. I’m going to suck on you like this…and then you’re going to be a big boy and fuck me. I’m gonna suck, fuck and get that warm cummies out of you…

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Kelly Payne – I’m Your Real Mommy

You’ve been in a foster home, and your parents have hired Kelly to babysit. What they don’t know is I’m your birth mom, and have been searching everywhere to find you. Finally with you so close to me, I suggest we cuddle so you can remember me. A little shy at first because mommy suggests we cuddle naked, but agreeing to try. feeling close & warm cuddling with mommy. Mommy shares a special treat, she’s been saving her breast milk for you this entire time, mommy knows you’ll remember once you nurse from her. While nursing your hand drifts in between mommy’s thighs, don’t worry you used to do that all the time, mommy encourages you to keep rubbing and ends up cumming. (VS) Afterwards, she notices how sleepy you look, mommy cuddles you in and reassures you mommy’s never going anywhere ever again, you’ll always be together forever. Sweet dreams my sweet little boy.

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Noelle Easton – MILF Babysitter Seduces Young Boy

When your mom called me to babysit you tonight, I was so excited! She’ll be gone all night, so I jump at the chance to have you to myself all night. You’ve just had a birthday haven’t you?! Can you guess what the present I have for you is? I’m going to undress and play with you, but you have to get naked too! I want to see that yummy developing young cock. I can’t help but get so turned on touching your hairless smooth young dick. I’m going to teach you how to pleasure a woman with your young mouth and tongue. Stare up at me as I teach you how to work my clit. After you give me two orgasms with your mouth, it’s time to try out that young dick. You better get hard! I’m going to suck it and stroke it until I make you orgasm. I can’t believe I finally got to make a young boy cum!

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