Sydney Harwin – Babysitter Finds Your Taboo Secret

You thought you hid them well, but obviously not. Your weird babysitter has found your secret stash of photos.. the ones you took whilst you were touching your sister. Its a fucking good job she’s just as pervy as you are, otherwise you’d have been in serious trouble.

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Sydney Harwin – Babysitter The Movie

Your new full time live in babysitter/ house keeper starts today. Obviously you fancy her! Her sometimes strange and erratic behaviour around you makes you question yourself… and your new found sexual fantasies- but who seduces who really?

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Sydney Harwin – Babysitter

You like your babysitter, but she sometimes makes you feel… funny and you don’t know why. Tonight, she tells you that her boyfriend thinks you are cute and can she take some pictures of you for him. He sounds nice… then all of a sudden things change. Your babysitter starts to talk about your private parts and mentions that she can make them feel REALLY good. She puts her fingers around your bits and starts to tug on it. You like it.. you think, but you must not under any circumstances tell your mommy.

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Tigger Rosey – Babysitter Convinced to Fuck 2 K9

Babysitter Tigger finds out the boy she’s taking care of told his friend, who’s over visiting, about what she did with Rover. She’s mad at the two boys at first and tells them she could get in trouble, but they convince her that things will be OK as long as she lets them watch her take care of both Rover and the friend’s , Sparky. Tig gives in and tells the boys to call in Sparky, the smaller of the two. She says that since he’s never had sex with a human before she’ll give him first crack at her. Tig does a striptease for Sparky to get him interested, including some booty shaking. Once fully naked she says that it looks like Sparky’s into it, but still needs a little help getting started. She tells him to hold still and lift his leg, and begins sucking his dick (smaller elypse art dildo). While sucking, Tig points out his leg muscles quivering, and says that’s how you can tell how good he’s feeling right now. Finally she says that Sparky is fully hard and shooting precum, so it’s time to give him some pussy. Tig says that since he’s smaller it’ll probably be easier to take him missionary, and turns over and spreads her legs, making sure we get a good view of her bush. Sparky enters her and gives her a quick fucking, then begins to knot. But the knot isn’t quite big enough to stay in, so after letting him try a few times, Tig says, “I should probably finish him off with my mouth.” She sucks him off and simulates swallowing his load. When he’s done Tig comments on the size and taste of his load, and tells Sparky he’s a good boy and she was happy to eat his sperm. Tig says she’s definitely ready for more, and has the boys call in Rover (bigger elypse art dildo). She asks Rover if he’s been dreaming about her since last time, and points out how just seeing her is already getting him hard. She gives him a bit of booty shaking and some oral to help thing along, then turns around on all fours to allow him to mount. She tells him that Sparky might’ve loosened up her pussy a little, but now Rover can show us how it’s done. Rover pounds Tig hard as she encourages him to give it to her and “wear that pussy out,” praises his sexual prowess and begs for his knot. After awhile he finally succeeds in getting the knot in. While knotted Tig asks Rover how it feels, says that she can “feel his cock twitch with each spurt” and begs Rover to “empty his balls” and “fill her up with his seed.” When he’s finally done and the knot shrinks enough to come out, Tig praises Rover for a job well done while turning over and spreading her legs to show off the huge doggie creampie. “Look at all this doggie sperm,” she says, “if it was possible Rover would’ve gotten me pregnant for sure.” She says that Rover is such a stud, but she also had fun playing with Sparky. She says she’s sorry she can’t take care of the boys too, but “this pussy belongs to the dogs, so make sure they’re both here next time I babysit and you can watch Rover and Sparky get some again.”

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Yogabella – First Time Babysitter Custom Video

So what do young people like to do with their babysitters? Play games? I notice you have a boner… I have a game we should play. How about I do things and if you don’t touch your penis I’ll give you a prize!! Good job! You did it!! I guess I’ll have to give you your prize now… put your penis in my mouth!

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Yogabella – Babysitter Encouragement

Some people made fun of you at school? Well show my your penis and I’ll tell you if its a good size. Maybe if we make it hard it’ll be bigger…. You have a bigger cock than some of the guys I’ve fucked. Oops you came… cum again. All this cumming is making me want to have sex with you.

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