Lady Fyre – The Sitters Appetite

Sequel to “Watching Porn with Your Sitter”. Part 1: I start to edge and tease you while talking about how you’re going to bring me one of your friends to play with. I show off my legs for you because in the little time we’ve spent together, I’ve learned that you love looking at my legs. You will only get release after I get to play with your friend. If you want to feel this pleasure again, you will bring me soft, young cocks to touch. You can even listen outside the door if you’d like. Part 2: I’ve played with your friend, so now it’s time for your release. I’m still wearing my clothes from earlier, which means that I’m still wearing the clothes I wore with him. Can you smell his fear? You were once afraid, and then you gave in. Now you beg me for release. It’s all you think about. You’re even willing to bring me more young cocks to touch just so you can feel the pleasure once again. You’re a good boy, and your friend is too. He loved my touch, even though he was afraid. He gave in. They always give in. You’re going to bring me even more boys. Say it. Tell me you’re going to bring them to me, and I will let you release. I’ll give you that sweet orgasm you’ve been craving, that orgasmic release that you need.

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Lady Fyre – Watching Porn With Your Sitter

Your parents are out of town for the weekend, and they’ve asked your hot neighbor to sit. At first, she’s not sure what to do with a boy like you, but then she suggests you do something naughty together. How about watching porn? You protest, saying your parents wouldn’t like it, but she won’t tell if you won’t, so you decide to go along. She turns on her favorite porn movie, of a MILF seducing a younger man, and she tells you how she’s been wanting to try this for so long. Do you think the woman in the video is sexy? Do you think your neighbor is sexy? She leans in to touch you. You recoil at first, afraid of what she’s doing, but then your young cock starts to get hard. She pulls down your pants and you let her. But then she starts to get real intense and you protest, which seems to just make her even more horny. She’s feeding off your fear. She likes it. She leans in and kisses your neck over and over. She crawls up your body, trailing her breasts along your cock. You get harder. You can’t help it. She rubs your cock and strokes it until your young penis explodes. It’s such a powerful orgasm and you don’t really understand what’s going on, but she seems very pleased and in a way, you’re glad she’s stopped. She licks her fingers, tasting your semen. Her hunger never ends. She says you’re going to get used to it, and she’ll help you. There’s still time before your parents come back.

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Tigger Rosey – Easy Babysitter Eats Your Cum

You try to seduce your babysitter and she acts like she doesn’t care, and tries to get you back to bed. But gets a little flirty… all flustered.. She acts like its no big deal and decides to teach you a lesson… aka jerking you off and fucking you.. and eats all your Cum and LOVES it.

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Tara Tainton – The Return Of Jerky Boy

Oh, gosh… MUST Jerk Boy return tonight?? Just before bedtime?? Okay, okay… and I have to play Evil Nanny?? Yes, yes, of course, I’m evil. Whatever you say… Jerky Boy. Now, what does Evil Nanny have to do to get you into bed AND put an end to your… exhibitionist jerking??? I’ll do whatever it takes!

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Tigger Rosey – Bad Babysitter Fucks Virgin

You roleplay as a babysitter, you show up in yoga pants saying you just came from the gym. Before we do anything else you say you have to stretch because you always stretch after the gym, so I watch you. After a little while you notice me staring at your butt as you bend over. You look back at me and say “are you checking out your babysitters butt?….You know, it’s not polite to stare.” in a sort of teasing way. You get on your hands and knees and rubbing your butt with one hand you ask if I want to touch it. You say it’s ok and that you won’t tell anybody as I come closer to touch it. As I touch it you tell me to rub it and squeeze it “ooh that feels nice.” you say and you notice I have a boner. You’re very surprised and ask if that has ever happened to me before and I say no. You poke at it, “wow, it’s really hard.” you tell me. You ask if I know what to do with it to make it go away and I say no. You think for a second and say “I guess I can show you.” You get on your back and slide off your pants and tell me to take mine off too. You “teach” me everything to do from there in missionary virtual sex.

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Siena Rose – Taboo Babysitter Takes Your Virginity

Your parents have to stay out of town for the night due to some bad weather and I am going to stay over since they don’t trust a young teenage boy alone at home. I talk to you a bit while wearing a low cut top and oops, just a tiny nip slip. I quickly decide to go make dinner since I am so embarrassed. I come back later from taking a shower with my hair still wet and I have a towel around me…which accidentally drops while I am talking to you. I talk to you for a second, full frontal nude and slowly pick my towel back up to walk away showing my ass. Later I come to your bedroom to talk about that crazy nip slip and the towel drop. I confess that I noticed your grown up now and that you have been checking me out. I tell you we reached a crossed a line and now we can’t go back. I tell you we can take it further if you promise not to tell anyone. I tease you and crawl on top of you, talking seductively and rubbing my body on you. My tits are in your face and I grind your cock until I pull back those covers. I tell you I want to take your young virginity. I ease my pussy down on your cock and tell you that I popped your cherry. I suck your cock but don’t let you cum. I ride you cowgirl and reverse cowgirl until I cum REALLY loud and hard and then I crawl down and suck that virgin cum loud out swallowing every hot drop.

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Download Siena Rose - Taboo Babysitter Takes Your Virginity.mp4

Lissie Belle – Slutty Babysitter

I love babysitting! he’s such a fun and mature teen! I love how he listens to me! today I’m babysitting him while his mother is home getting some work done, he’s so sweet I just couldn’t resist seducing him and teaching him a thing or two, I let him fuck me with his big teenage cock hard, while his mother was just a few feet away! we manage to get away with it, I thought his mom almost caught me as I was leaving and I had a bit of cum on my face, but I got out of it by saying it was a yogurt I brought for her son!

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Download Lissie Belle - Slutty Babysitter.mp4

Babysitting Ryan Virtual Sex

Your babysitting him but his parents are having a party at their house but your going to have secret sex sessions with the boy in front of his parents. First scene is your sitting in the couch with Ryan, his parents are playing board games with their guest. Your whispering to Ryan if he wants to also play a game with you. You take a blanket and cover Ryan with it. I want this to be in a pov setting. You take your hand under the blanket and you start to stroke Ryan’s dick. You whisper to him can I suck your dick and you can put your own dialogue, but your stroking his cock and talking at the same time. You take his tiny cock and you start sucking on it. While talking to his parents at the same time. Then you do a virtual cowgirl scene, your moaning a lot but your trying to hide then you tell him you want him to cum inside you. But you can tell his confuse on what that means so you say it’s ok I will show you Ryan and you start to ride him harder until he cums inside of you. For the last scene you tell Ryan’s parents that your going to put him to bed. You go to his room his laying down in the bed while your sitting right next to him. You say wow Ryan your cock is still hard, are all boys like you this horny?. Then you start to give him a blowjob. Then you tell him to fuck you doggy style and end it with a missionary creampie.

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Download Babysitting Ryan Virtual Sex.mp4

Tigger Rosey – Babysitter Soothes Your Bad Dreams

Awww.. you had a bad dream? Oh no, i dont think someone touching you down there in your dream is bad…. thats normal sweetheart. Youre okay. You’ve got an erection! Its natural… I’ll help you. I have to hide your cum! Oh god, ew. I hate cum. but i have to eat it…

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Siena Rose – Babysitting The Monster Cock 2

The sequel to my Babysitting The Monster Cock! I’ve been asked to babysit again for the notorious Monster Cock. After your Mom leaves I tell you there will be NO FUNNY BUSINESS. But of course you have other plans! I am so frustrated because you won’t stop crying so I decide to tell you a bedtime story about a Princess who found an anaconda. I get embarrassed about the story I made up so I step out so you can go night-night. Later you wake me up and I realize when I start to change your diaper that it is filled with a huge amount of spunk! I try to pacify you but end up having to stroke your Monster Cock just like I did last time but you can’t cum! When I realize this isn’t helping I take matters into my own hands by climbing on top of you to fuck it right out of you! But your load is SOOOOOOOOO big that when you start cumming you don’t stop and your filling my belly full of spoo – I’m so uncomfortable now that it hurts!

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