Shannon Heels – The Babysitter Ep. 1

I’ve just flown over from the UK to CANADA just for a Nannying job. It’s something I do in the UK all the time, and I have quite a specific criteria… Boys ONLY and of a certain age. So I arrive at your house and say goodbye to your MUM while she’s listing out all the things I need to take care of. Once she’s gone I go straight up to your room to ‘freshen up’. Really… I am getting ready to FUCK. I’ve been SO HORNY the whole flight over here, I can’t wait any longer. You are SPYING on me getting ready. I change from a SKIMPY casual outfit and BOOTS, to FISHNETS, LEATHER SKIRT, WHITE SHIRT & RED HEELS. Whilst I’m getting ready my best mate from back home calls me. I tell her all about this BOY I’m taking care of and how cute he is. I tell her all about the BULGE I saw in his trousers when he first looked at me. She’s jealous of course… I promise next time I’ll bring her along. I’m all ready for a nice fresh COCK to fuck, when I notice you’ve been spying on me the whole time (I thought you would). I’m going to tell you a secret… In the UK, I FUCK all the boys I look after, like you. Have you ever had sex before? Would you like to try it? Have you ever been this close to a CUNT before? You sweet boy. Get on the bed, with your COCK out, and I’ll show you the ropes. I’ve never SUCKED a CANADIAN COCK before, you taste so good! Wow I am surprised you are lasting this long, most boys cum within a few seconds!! Now I’m going to wrap my CUNT around your COCK you good boy, let me TAKE YOUR DICK deep inside me. You feel so INCREDIBLE inside me! I can’t help but DROOL and let my TONGUE FLOP OUT. I turn around so you can see my ARSE BOUNCING up and down on your cock. Next I lie on my back and ask you to FUCK ME, push your dick deep inside me. I don’t care that I’m NOT ON BIRTH CONTROL, just push your cock in me and CUM INSIDE ME!! Wow… You came SO MUCH you good boy. Hehe. I’ll go make some dinner and then you ready for round 2?

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ImMeganLive – Fucking Your Babysitter

I come over to watch you and your parents leave. I even brought over some video games for us to play, however I get a call from my boyfriend. He breaks up with me over the phone and you then comfort me. I tell you how sweet you are for trying to make me feel better and ask for a hug. Your face ends up in my chest and you get noticeably aroused. I push you away when I feel it and freak for a moment. But I quickly realize, that despite your age, you have a big cock. I lean in and start rubbing you (Implied). Then I tell you that one thing that would make me feel better would be if you use it. I then start to grind on you slowly with lite moans. I increase my speed over a very short time and moan louder. When I start to feel worm I pull down my dress and bra. And continue to grind. I tell you I can’t handle it any longer and have to have you inside me. As I slide down on your cock (implied) for the first time my face shows how much bigger it is then I expected and let out a have moan. I ride you hard and I am about to cum on your cock while dripping all my pussy juice all over your balls. It got you right on the edge and want to cum with me, I tell you not to worry, you can cum inside of me I’m on the pill! I then cum so hard on your cock while you are filling me up! I was shaking as I kept cumming on you. I notice how loud I was and blush looking away while I catch my breath. As I calm down I then realize how bad it was for me to do that with you yet can’t help to smile and say maybe next time we can do this again.

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Desiwoods420 – Babysitter Takes Care Of You

Your hot b*bysitter takes care of the cut you show her while also making you blush like crazy. She knows you have a thing for her, and she’s enjoying making you squirm. Before you know it, your wildest fantasies about her are coming true.

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Yogabella – Wish I Was Your Babysitter Custom Video

Hey, You were spying on me. Like what you see? I know your a virgin but I want to play with you. Let me put you in my mouth… feel good? How about you put your penis in my doggy style… just because you came doesn’t mean you can stop fucking me! Cum so many times!!

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Yogabella – Edward Fucks Babysitter Custom Video

Edward! You shouldn’t be getting hard while you watch your babysitter work out! I kind of like it, lets see how hard we can get your cock. OMG Your cock is HUGE!! I need to fuck it. Edward I love your cock, lick and smell my ass and slip it in. You’re way too big for my ass!! You’re stretching it out! mmm finish all over my face!!

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Sloansmoans – Nannys Secret Game

Watch as your very sweet and loving nanny is looking after you for the week while your parents are away. The scene begins as you just finish up a bath and she’s drying you off. She makes small talk with you until she notices that your peepee is getting hard. She is shocked at how big it is, saying that it’s bigger than her boyfriends and she asks if you’ve ever gotten hard before. When you tell her that you’ve never seen it get like that she tells you that it’s okay, not to be embarrassed. She tries to ignore it, trying not to look at it but then she murmurs to herself that “it’s wrong, but I can’t help it” and she asks if you want to play a secret game with her. She tells you that she’s never tried it with a boy she’s nannied before but she wants to try it with you because your peepee is so stiff. She tells you that you can’t tell mommy or daddy or anyone about this game and you promise her that you won’t. She explains that the goal of the game is for you to shoot white stuff out of your peepee because you’ve never done that before. She strips out of her clothes and tells you that the tingles you feel for her are all a part of the game. She asks you to touch and suck her breasts… you love her big tits. She then lowers down to give you a handjob as she continues to be sweet and gentle. This progresses into a blowjob and she’s starting to get hornier and sluttier as she goes on. She gags on your big boy cock and she starts talking more and more naughty as she reminds you that this game needs to remain a secret. She then tells you that you’re going to put your peepee inside of her. You move to the bed and she straddles you in cowgirl and begins to ride your cock. She’s talking very dirty now about how good you feel and what a naughty little fuck you are. She cums on your cock and wants more. She turns around in reverse cowgirl and continues to get more and more naughty as she bounces on your cock. She then puts her ass In the air and tells you to spank her for being a naughty nanny and for introducing you to this secret game. She starts telling you to fuck her hard in doggystyle. You listen and she cums again and at this point she’s adamant about making your big boy cock shoot out your yummy white stuff. She lays in missionary and you fuck her hard as she tells you how good it feels to have you fucking her. She starts begging for your cum, she wants you to shoot your white stuff deep into her pussy. You cum with her and it feels so damn good. She congratulates you on your first creampie being inside of a grown woman. She tells you that you’re both winners because there are many ways to play this secret game and you have all week long to play over and over again…

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Blair Blackheart – Your Pervert Babysitter

Since your parents both work the night shift, they hire Blair to be your overnight babysitter. When bedtime rolls around Blair puts you to bed but you just can’t rest. You come out into the living room and catch Blair in her panties, making herself at home stretched out on the sofa playing video games. You ask your much older babysitter if you can stay up a little longer and watch some TV with her. Blair checks the clock, sees your parents won’t be home soon, and agrees. Only Blair being the dirty pervert that she is suggests you both watch a XXX movie. When you admit you’ve never seen dirty movies because you’re too young she decides to teach you everything you’ll need to know in the future. Blair makes you promise you won’t tell your parents and right after you say “I promise” Blair tells you to pull out your private parts because she’s going to take your virginity!

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Tilaxoxo – Babysitter Takes Your Virginity

I play an older girl at your place babysitting you. Your dad gives me a strict schedule to follow and to have you in bed my 10 pm. I am able to get you to do homework, in which you caught me taking some explicit photos, get dinner and get you in the shower as stated on the schedule. After your shower, I accidentally run into you and I see your big cock which turns me on. I decide to read you a bedtime story which ends in me taking off my clothes. Your dad texts me but I ignore him because we are having way too much fun! I know you are a virgin so I am going to take it slow with you. I already have some experience so you can trust me. I slowly put your cock in my mouth while telling you to relax. Afterwards, I slide you deep inside me and won’t have you stop until you cum. You finally get the hang of it and take over fucking me doggystyle. You explode all over me and I love every moment of it. Don’t tell anyone about this, especially your dad!

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sloansmoans – Nanny Gets Blackmailed

Watch as your “nanny” comes rushing in from a storm. You weren’t expecting her, you were expecting your parents. She tells you that they got caught in the storm and need to stay at a hotel so they called her to rush over to you. As she’s explaining this she doesn’t realize that her white t-shirt is soaked and you can see her perfect tits and nipples through her top. She goes on about how she’s there to take care of you and that she’ll be staying the night and having fun with you. She asks you for a hug and she presses her breasts against you unknowingly. Once she takes a step back she looks down and realizes that her shirt is see-through. She’s so embarrassed! She crosses her arms and apologizes profusely. She tells you that she really should shower and get her clothes dry. She tells you she’ll be quick… Your nanny comes in from her shower only wearing a towel. She’s a bit frustrated because it seems that her clothes went missing. She asks you if you hid them from her and you deny it, even though you absolutely did. She keeps asking you to tell her where they are until she stops and smiles and realizes what is happening. She asks if seeing her nipples made you want to see more. You are at the age where you’re starting to become interested in girls, after all. She tells you that it’s very naughty but she’ll make a deal with you. She’ll show you her naked body if you promise to give her back her clothes. You promise. She’s the first woman you’ll be seeing naked and this excites her. She takes her towel off and poses for you in many different ways. She’s so caught up in her posing that she doesn’t notice you’re taking photos of her. She tells you to stop! She shouts at you to delete them! She explains how having photos of her on your phone could get her into big trouble. She pleads with you to delete them but you don’t. Instead, you want to make another deal. She tells you that she’s not going to agree but that’s when you say you’re going to send the photos to your friends right now if she doesn’t let you keep the photos AND masturbate in front of you. She’s shocked that you know what that is! She pleads with you further until she can’t believe she’s going to agree to your new terms. She then spreads her legs in front of you and shows you how women masturbate. She’s so embarrassed to be masturbating in front of the boy she nanny’s. But then she starts to become really turned on and she can’t believe that she’s into this. She’s so horny that when you start taking more photos of her masturbating she half heartedly tells you not to. And when you take your cock out to jerk off she tries to tell you not to but gets distracted by her own pleasure and your big cock. She can’t believe how big it is and she can’t stop staring at it! She then starts to encourage you to stroke for her. This sets her over the edge and she cums really hard for you. Once her orgasm subsides she says “fuck it” and gets on her knees in front of you. She grabs hold of your cock with both hands and begins to jerk you off herself. You can’t believe what’s happening, but you love it. She dirty talks about her big tits bouncing and how naughty she and you are. She tells you to take photos of her so you can blackmail her later because she doesn’t know why, but this is turning her on so much. She keeps jerking your cock and tells you that it’s okay to cum wherever you want to. You can’t help yourself so you cum all over her pretty face. She’s takes your cum like the naughty nanny she is and tells you that she wants your cum to dry on her face as a reminder of how naughty you are. She then tells you that you must promise to keep this a secret otherwise she won’t be able to be your nanny anymore. Don’t you have the best nanny ever?

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