Goddess Kawaii – Brother Fucker

I’m a kind nurturing sister and my poor brother is a loser virgin. He knows nothing about sex because all he does is sit around and jerk off all the time. Well, I’m going to change that. I know how to fuck really well, and there is no better person that myself to teach him the ropes. Now, come closer and I’ll show you what a hand job feels like..I stroke him and get his dick nice and hard ..once his dick is hard it’s time for me to show him what a nice blowjob feels like…That is putting him on the edge. I’m not through yet. It’s time for him to fuck me really good from behind..doggy style. I fuck him so much that I make him cum over and over giving me multiple creampies. This will be the best lesson he’s ever had. now he can know what to expect when he has sex wit other girls..however, nothing will compare to me..his sexy hot sister. It’s so wrong, but I don’t care. I care about my brother and want to make him cum for the first time.

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Kelly Payne – Little Brother Blackmail Sister Taboo

Your caught spying on your big sis who is smoking, annoyed your watching her and threatening to tell mom your big sis reluctantly at first agrees to let you fuck her tits. When you pull out your cock, your big sis gets crazy excited and decides this isn’t such a bad idea. First she sucks your hard cock when you ask her to squirt her milk over your cock she agrees and covers your cock with her milk and licks it off and then uses it as lube for you to fuck her huge milky tits. After fucking your sisters tits, she gets so excited she begs you to fuck her, you try a few positions and allow sis to squirt her milk on you, and end up with sis twerking on your cock until she begs for your yummy cum and to cum inside her. Sis lets you watch as your cum drips out of her pussy. Ends with sister telling you, that you should sneak in and watch her more often.

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Penelope Peach – Mommy Helps With Your Sister Fantasy

Peach catches her son listening to his sister getting fucked outside of her bedroom door [Loud visceral porn grunts and screaming can be heard in the background] [Peach wears conservative clothing that bears little cleavage] Peach in disbelief catches her son standing outside his sisters room and confronts him over his deviant behavior She humiliates him for being a weirdo that spies on his sister— of all people. What a sick freak. Her son denies it, but his hard dick can clearly be seen through his pants. What type of brother gets hard for his sister? She asks him how long this has being going on. When it becomes clear that it’s being happening for a while she mentions that she’s not surprised. Her daughter is a slut who is always bringing new guys home. Peach then describes how loud his sister is being— how hard she is being fucked, while mentioning her large tits and tight pussy. How it probably feels like to have her silky mouth on a man’s dick . Of course, you wish you could experience the real thing, right? Rather than sitting outside her bedroom door.Unfortunately she likes attractive guys— the type that are on the college football team. It will never happen, she’ll never scream like that for you. You’ll just have to settle for forehead kisses from your younger sister, knowing where her mouth have been. But that’s okay mommy loves you, and she has an idea. Me and your sister look pretty similar, we both have big tits, tight pussies, and thick asses. Why don’t I pretend to be her? Wouldn’t you like to fuck your sister, brother? [Peach puts her hair in a bun and changes into something youthful and sexy] Transitions to scene in bedroom. Penelope revels in how big her brothers cock is and mentions that it is largest she has ever seen. She gives him a sloppy blowjob while asking him if it is everything that he imagined it to be. How she knew the way her brother looked at her. She then begs him for cum before he cums in her mouth(not visible to the camera). Peach tells him that he is the best brother in the world, and that he is the only guy who she will let fuck her without a condom before telling him that she wants her brothers cum. He starts fucking her from behind before switching to missionary and coming inside of her.

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Tara Tainton – Sharing The Bed With Your Sister

Sucks that we have to share a bed. You better not touch me! Or accidentally kick me in your sleep. Or anything else! Every Christmas Eve, no matter how old we are, we have to snuggle up in the same bed just because the relatives are staying. It’s so annoying. But I do love to TEASE you. I mean, it’s my very favorite pastime. You’re so easy to tease! You get all in a huff, all frustrated… and I even know how to give you a BONER. You think it’s always an accident, something that just HAPPENS when your older sister’s around but no… I do it to you ON PURPOSE. Because it’s fun! But I didn’t know you were really gonna SHOW it to me… or that I could make you masturbate in front of me! I guess it’s just the superpowers of my super boobies!

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Jocelynbaker – Big Sis Wants Your Cum On Her Huge Tits

Your big sis is having a family get together at her new house. She is happy that I got there a day early. We spent the day by the pool. We are inside now but big sis is still in her bikini. She has something special to talk about with me. She reminds me of how she used to tease me when we were growing up. She used to do a lot of tanning in her bikini. She would always come in and watch her soaps wearing her bikini. She knew it drove me crazy. She could see my erection bulge in my pants. She reminds me of the one time she took off her top while she was watching soaps. She said she had bad sunburn and asked me if it was OK if she took off her top. Now she says she just wanted to tease me. She knows her oiled up boobs made me nuts. She asks how many times I have thought about that incident while I jerked off. Hundreds. She asks if I want to relive that time. She takes off her top. She has me take out my dick and jerk to her. She likes watching me work my hard cock just for her. She lets me cum on her boobs. She cleans up my cock and her boobs with her bikini top.

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Little Puck – Bratty Big Sis Tit Obsession Creampie

You spy on your big sis wiggling around on her bed in her booty shorts as she brags about sending sexy selfies to her crush…when she leaves the room you grab her phone and begin snooping, but you’re caught in the act!! She is SO pissed at you!! “You’re spying on me, you fucking pervert! There’s no way I can ever trust you again….what am I gonna do? I can’t tell mom and dad, they’d flip out…ugh, Listen. IF I show you my tits…and that’s a Big If… if I flash you or whatever, will you stop??” She reams you a good one about how gross and fucked up you are as she begins feeling herself up and preparing her mind for what she’s about to do. She makes you swear that you’ll Never Tell Anyone…Not Even God. Your big sis hesitates as you wholeheartedly agree to her terms….but she Finally takes off her crop top and her big breasts are spilling out of her siren red bra as she toys with you some more…she just Can’t Believe You’re Making Her Do This! She draws it out for what seems like forever….your dick is so fucking hard it’s hurting but you can’t take your eyes off her as she plays with her bra straps and heaves big sighs in your face. And holy fuck. She does it. She takes her top off and jiggles her breasts in your face…massaging them, groping them, making them bounce…all with a bratty big sis attitude that only makes you want to feel her up even more. When she sees exactly how fucking erect you are she realizes you HAVE to jerk yourself off now…you can’t leave her room with a huge hard-on like that! Mom and Dad will KNOW something’s up! She plays with her tits for you but it’s taking you so long….you want this moment to last forever you’re milking it for all it’s worth…so she proposes an idea. It’s too weird watching you jerk it to her so….your sister will help you, but No Other Funny Business, okay? She makes you lay down and begins stroking your cock, but something funny happens…your big sis starts getting turned on, she can’t control herself, she loves touching you and making you so hard for her. She loves the attention, it’s turned her on so much she has to cum now! You enter her tight little pussy and she lets herself loose as you fuck her brains out and cum so deep inside of her, the creampie just oozes out forever…

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Jocelynbaker – Big Sis Twerks 4 You

Your in your bed..you’re having the most wonderful dream. Someone is touching your cock and it feels amazing! You open your eyes, and realize it’s not a dream..but instead, your sister giving you a handjob. She’s snuck into your room while your mom & dad aren’t home and wants to have a little fun. You want to tell her no, but it feels so good. She continues working your hard cock while trying to seduce you into doing more, but you can’t! She’s your big sister! Finally, she comes up with an idea..she’s going to strip for you and shake her ass..she’s been practicing “twerking” if you can resist the way she moves her body, and the way her huge ass jiggles..you don’t have to fuck her. At this point you can’t say no because she’s already pulling her pants down and showing you that AMAZING ASS! After a few minutes, you can’t resist. You NEED to be inside her, doggy style. She’s giddy with excitement to finally be getting what she wants, and happily bends over to let you stuff her tight little hole. While you’re fucking she tells you another sick fantasy of hers..SHE WANTS A CREAMPIE! At this point, you’re going to do anything for your big sis.

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Brea Rose – Finding My Brothers Dick Pics

I have been out with my younger brother swimming and I now feel really horny, I go and use his laptop while he is out and decide i want to watch some porn. I start to use his laptop and notice a folder called dick pics, i’m really intrigued and just have to open it! There are loads of my brother dick pics on his laptop! I take off my swimsuit and rub my pussy while looking at the pics and talking about his dick and what i want to do to it.

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Coco Vandi, Anastasia Rose – Mom And Sister Fuck Military Son

My deployment is finally over and im going home, it was a long deployment but my mom and aunnt Sadie gave me a good send off. they both came to visit me before i left for deployment and we all ended up just fucking in the hotel room the whole trip. the memories of mom and aunt Sadie’s lips rapped around my cock are what got me through my deployment, but now im home and super excited to so my family. when i got home my mom and little sister Ana were there to greet me, we made some small talk before mom got dinner started and i went and put my bags in my room. after dinner dad said good night and i went back into the kitchen to try and see mom alone, my sister was still up talking to mom. when i came in and told them dad said goodnight my sister said she was feeling tired too and was gonna head to bed. once my sister was gone i tried to put the moves on mom but she shut me down, she said not while my dad and sister were in the house! so i was heading to bed horny and kinda bummed, sex with my mom was all i could think of on my deployment. when i walked in to my room my sister was there with a big grin on her face, i asked what she was doing in my room. she said she knew about me and mom and about me mom and aunt Sadie. I stood there silent and stunned, and then she said i deserved a hero’s welcome home since i was out there protecting our country. i asked her what she meant and then she started stripping, once she was naked she dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down. she grabbed my cock and pulled it toward my mouth. her sucking my dick made me weak in the knees so i asked her if we could move to my bed. once we were up there she just kept sucking, it felt amazing! after a little while mom walked in. i guess she was feeling guilty for leaving me horny after i got home. she saw what we were doing and got a little angry, after a minute she calmed down. then she stripped and got into bed with me and my sister. mom and my sis sucked me off till i filled there throats with my nut!

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