Mama Fiona – First Time Mom Son Masturbation

Dirty Talking, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation, Mommy Roleplay, Taboo

A little bit bashful and SO FUCKING SEXY! You are my son and the last time we got, ahem, naughty together… I was just watching you jerk off… and eventually I saw you cum. I was very very surprised by how much the taboo interaction turned me on, and I may have masturbated to the thought of it more than once. You recently asked me, though… if maybe next time I would consider masturbating, WITH you. That was a big step but good lord the idea of it drove me wild. Masturbating with my OWN SON!??? Having you look at me, be near me… as we… touch ourselves together? its os so so so naughty! But… I wanted to do it. So here we are, mother and son… I dressed up a little bit for the occasion. I give you a couple directions and tell you when to take out your cock, tell you when I want you to stroke it. You ask to see me… I’m soaked already. In no time at all we are fully masturbating together and talking, reminiscing, discussing all the times when you were younger and how I thought you might want your mother a little bit more than a typical boy might… discussing how I maybe watched you cum a couple times and how it drove me wild. You ask to see me in a few different positions, you want to see all of me! I am rubbing my pussy furiously and you are stroking your cock… I am bashful but I’m about to cum in front of my own son… WITH my own son. We finally let go and cum together, and as we recover from such a powerful orgasm… I passionately kiss you and am on my way…can’t believe we just did this together.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Dominates You

Asshole Fetish, Femdom POV, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Taboo

This custom video contains POV ass and pussy licking/ POV sex/ POV spitting on face/ POV spanking and scratching / dirty talk / slave/mommy fetish. Mommy really makes you her little fuck toy in this video.

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Missbehavin26 – Extreme Dirty Talk Mom Son Taboo BJ

Dirty Talking, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Taboo

Script: Ok perfect. Would you be able to do a role play scenario. Where I come home from college unexpectedly. When you open the door you’re wearing just a bra and black leggings or yoga pants with your thong showing. A lot of teasing and being flirty and sexy And then we talk and I say how I broke up with my gf. You ask why and I say she wasn’t into role play. A lot of teasing and build up. Eventually you ask more and you say how you love roleplay too and we get into talking about taboo and inces*. Then pov of your giving me a bj with your thong and ass in the air. A lot of dirty talk saying the words taboo and inces*. And you being very submissive like that you are my whore,slut,slave etc “That you are such a dirty mommy and will do anything to satisfy her son.” The last 5 minutes will be you talking about us sharing my load and how you want me to cum in your mouth and then kiss me. A lot of cei encouraging but no humiliation. Just you being submissive and dirty talk. How you love my cum and how good it tastes and how hot is would be to share it. Thank you so much! I can’t wait.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Son Playtime In Lingerie

Family, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Taboo

U can’t slep, u woke up mom next to dad…u want more of mommy…u want mom son special time. Go to ur room and wait fir me there. Mom puts on lingerie to seduce her son and help him get some rest the way only she can. U want that cure only mommy can give u. Mmmm whispering let’s not wake ur father…

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Missbehavin26 – Mommy’s Sneaky Encouragement Blowjob

Cumshots, Dirty Talking, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Taboo

Script: We’re in the kitchen. You’re acting like a totally normal, maternal mother. You ask me if I’m ready to go to soccer practice. We’re late. But I’m too nervous. You tell me I’m a strong boy. I beg you to make me feel strong. I want mommy to give her son pleasure. To make him feel like a man with her mouth… You’re shocked! You’re so motherly and reluctant. You say that’s totally wrong. You gave birth to me. You raised me. I’m your mother! I need to stop thinking of you like that. Finally, you give in because you want your boy to feel strong. But we can’t ever tell anyone, and we have to be so fast and quiet, because Dad and the rest of the family are in the living room. So you open up the top of your dress to show your son your breasts. This is so humiliating. You’re showing your son your breasts for the first time ! Do mommy’s big breasts make her boy feel good? I ask for you to lift up your dress so I can see mommy’s legs and panties. You’re so ashamed. A son should never see his mom like that. But you give in. You say you’re just trying to be a good mom. You lift up your dress so I can see your beautiful body. Your legs with those white stockings. Your panties. Does mommy’s boy like the way mommy looks? If mommy’s boy wants this, he’ll get it. Mommy is supposed to be HOME after all. You’ll let your son do whatever he wants with your body, your mouth, your pussy. Mommy’s good boy is always welcome in mommy’s mouth and in between mommy’s legs. You pull out my cock and are trying to maintain your maternal instincts. You spend lots and lots of time licking your son’s balls and asshole. You love rimming your son’s asshole. While you blow your son, you try to be a normal mom too and say things like– Do I want to go clothes shopping after soccer practice? Did I do all my chores? Did I do all my homework? Do I need you to take anything to the dry cleaners for me? What should we have for dinner tonight? Spaghetti? You beg your boy to cum on mommy’s face. Be a good boy and cum for mommy. Cum for mommy. Just for mommy. Mommy loves her boy. Mommy loves her good boy. I cum all over your face and your mouth. You let me stare at you for a long time while my cum is all over your face. With cum all over your face, you say more mommy things like– Your boy’s—is all over your face. If anyone came in, we’d be in so much trouble! But you love your good boy. Do I want to get pizza for lunch? We can go to the restaurant with the whole family. And while they’re eating, we can sneak into a bathroom and mommy’s good boy can fuck my her asshole. And on the way to school, Mommy will pull over the car and lick her good boy’s asshole until he cums on her face. And best of all, you’ll sneak into my room in the middle of the night, while everyone else in the family is in bed, and let your good boy face fuck his own mother.

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Brianna_XO – Submissive Mom Gangbang Son And Friends

Creampie, Facials, Mommy Roleplay, Submissive Sluts, Taboo

You go to your mother to ask her if she can help out with a school project , she is reluctant when she finds out it requires being a model posing for photographs! She is shy and doesn’t like being the centre of attention, but she agrees to help! She dresses up like you asked her to for the shoot, and poses for photograph’s shyly. You go to the bathroom, leaving your mother with your classmates. CLASSMATE POV – The classmates get mom to do more revealing poses, she has mistakenly put on a pair of crotch less panties and is giving the classmates a good eyeful. She eventually realizes her mistake , but is so submissive and doesn’t want to let your school project down so she continues to pose! Each of the class mates take turn on your mom, first fucking her doggy style as she whimper’s and pleads, why are you doing this to me, you ejaculate in her pussy as she whimper’s and cries. Making her continue to pose for photo’s as she beg’s you to stop this madness. The other classmates continue to have their way with mom’s holes, giving her a facial , and fucking her missionary with another creampie. SON POV – you walk in to find your mother covered in cum and getting fucked by one of your classmates. You’re in shock as you watch, she asks for you to help her. As one of the classmates takes your mother anally , as she tells them not to fuck her asshole, you watch her and begin masturbating turned on by seeing your mother so helpless and covered in cum! You give her a facial at the same time the classmate cums in her asshole (IMPLIED ANAL/VIRTUAL ANAL) , as she tells you to stop, this is so inappropriate , i am your mother! You and the classmates make your mom finish posing for the photographs , as a anal creampie drips out of her. She, humiliated, poses for the photograph’s as she is told.

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