Phatassedangel69 – Bad Mommy: The Beginning

I’m a single mom and I’ve been working really hard lately on trying to get a promotion at work. I have a HUGE sales meeting this morning so you have to take the bus to school. Sometimes you wake up late and I have to take you myself but today that is absolutely NOT an option. As I’m rushing to get ready for work, I tell you how important today is for me and how your bus is going to arrive at any moment. When it’s time for you to leave I am pushing you out the door but you insist you can’t go. I start to demand that you tell me what’s going on. You’re really embarrassed but I am freaking out and yelling at you to tell me what’s wrong. You admit to me that you have a boner, and you don’t want you classmates seeing that!! You cannot get on the bus right now. We start arguing and I demand that you leave right now. I tell you to take care of it but you say that you can’t!! There’s so much anxiety in the room as I begin to panic. Mommy NEEDS you to take care of this and get on the bus!!! We are running out of time. You are embarrassed and don’t know what to do. In a frantic state of hysteria I take out your cock and start jerking you off. I tell you to hurry up and cum but you can’t! Panicked about being late to work, I take out my tits to hurry things up. You blow your load all over your mom’s chest. Pissed off, I yell at you to leave and that we can talk about this later. After work, I go into my room and start recalling the stress of my day. I’m so upset and tired. The last thing I want to do is go talk to you about what happened. I had no choice but to take care of your extremely inconvenient boner!! As I start talking to myself about what happened, I can feel myself getting turned on. My panties are getting soaked as I think about stroking my son’s cock and especially when I think about the load he blew all over my chest… ugh!!! What is wrong with me? I am such a bad mommy. I finally give in to how turned on I am and finger myself (off camera) while I talk about what happened. Why is this turning me on? I should be disgusted. I get changed out of my work clothes and get myself together to go and talk to you. I come into your room and start apologizing for what happened in the kitchen. I explain that I had no choice but to do what I did. Mommy had to get to work so that she wouldn’t lose her job! As I’m explaining what happened, I keep tripping up over my words and obviously getting flustered. You can tell I secretly liked it. So you take out your cock. I yell at you to stop but you don’t. You start stroking it for me and I clearly can’t resist. My demeanor completely changes. I ask you if you want mommy to stroke your dick again. You say yes. I give you a handjob (off camera) while talking about how crazy and wrong this is. And how good it feels… but Mommy needs more than this. I need your cock inside of me. I get on top of you and fuck you in cowgirl. Then I turn around and ride you in reverse until I start to cum. I tell you to cum for mommy over and over until you blow your load inside of me. This is our little secret now… nobody else ever has to know. Okay, honey?

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Sydney Harwin – Just Do Your Mom

Mom doesn’t know why she feels strange… she didn’t see you put that thing in her glass of bubbly. All she knows is that her head is spinning and she is feeling weak. She tries to push you off, but she also doesn’t know whats happening to her because you’ve made sure of it… she might not even remember this tomorrow…

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Sydney Harwin – Unprotected Sex With Mom

You have been away for a year ,and today, your whole family has gathered at your moms house to welcome you back for the weekend. You have brought your girlfriend to meet your parents but when you arrive, your mom is nowhere to be seen. You go upstairs in search for her and find her in her just top and panties, getting ready to see you. When she turns around and you are standing there, she is so excited that her boy is finally home… You have especially missed fucking your mother and you both quickly realise that you have a short while to rekindle the spark you shared before you left. You kiss and your mom is touching your cock through your trousers when she asks if you have a condom. You don’t! She is initially worried, but decides it doesn’t matter, you’ve just got to be so quick before somebody comes and catches you together. Your mom gets on top and rides you. You have missed her body so much. Her pussy feels so fucking good inside of her, raw with no condom, feeling your moms pussy for the first time properly! She fucks you reverse cowgirl and you get an amazing view of her tight asshole. She tries to stop herself from moaning so loud, but can’t help it, she hasn’t felt her sons dick inside of her for so long! before you left, you were at it like rabbits and you’ve both longed for the intimacy of being together one more time. Your girlfriend is just downstairs and you are balls deep inside your mother upstairs. She cums all over your cock and you can actually feel it properly! It feels incredible! You then become worried about cumming inside of her, but she tells you its ok.. and is it wrong that she now WANTS to get pregnant by you?! Fucking with no protection is so much better when you do it with your mother, isn’t it?

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Sydney Harwin – Family Therapy

You and your mother have had a rocky relationship for years and finally it comes down to this; A FAMILY THERAPY SESSION! You are both hesitant, but you realise that if you want to salvage your relationship you must attend this appointment with your mom. The therapist room is very informal. You both take off your shoes and there are no chairs, so you sit on the floor next to your mom when the session starts. The therapist gives your mom the floor to talk for a few moments, before he quickly comes to the conclusion that the ONLY way to repair your relationship is something he likes to call “Sensual Bonding.” Your mother asks what that entails, and the therapist tells you both that it involves some sexual elements, but mostly it’s all about the feeling you will both get when you start to touch each other innocently. Your mom is instructed to rest her hand on your knee and start to rub. Then you must touch your mom’s knee in return. The therapist then asks your mother to place her hand in between your legs, where she quickly feels a bulge in your trousers, which has become apparent to the therapist, too! But your mom isn’t angry or scared… in fact she is relieved that you are SO happy to be with her. The session then takes a quick turn and within moments your mom has your erection in her hand and is stroking you… the therapist tells your mom she must take off her panties and show you any cum stains in them, which she does, as apparently this helps with being open and honest with each other. The therapist then asks if you both would like to take things a step further by your mom allowing you to enter inside of her vagina. She is a little reluctant, but is mostly worried that you are against the idea. You tell her that you are VERY open to the idea and before you know it, you are having full sexual intercourse with your mother right in front of your perverted therapist, who sits in the corner watching. Your mom answers questions throughout, mainly on how this is all making her feel. She feels bonded with you, and any aggression you had between each other has vanished as you thrust deep in your mother.

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Mila_MaeXO – Mommy Wants You Son

You want Mommy to rub your back. I start asking you to break up with your girlfriend, coming off very jealous. I let you see my tits and suck on them. Then we masturbate looking at each other. I hurry back to my bed before Dad wakes up after I remind you to lose the girlfriend.

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PerfectNips – Mommy Role Play Sequel

This video is a sequel to my first Mommy role play video. I made my little b0y promise to never tell a soul about what happened on his birthday. But you didn’t keep your promise did you? You naughty little b0y. You spilled the beans to your friends and it just so happens that tonight your having a sle3p over. Your friends are all anxious to find out if you were telling the truth or not. Hesitant but turned on, I decide to let the b0ys in on the fun! Full orgasm, but plug action, so much fun. Watch Mommy pleasure herself until she cums for you and all of your friends!

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Hotasiansensation – Fuck Mommy After Her Failed Date

Daddy’s gone away again on his business trip and mommy’s just out there in need of some cock. I come home after one of my failed dates to find your still up son. You ask if I’m okay? Acruallt son ‘No I’m okay, your dad always goes away when he knows how much I need sex, so I go out on these date and most of them are loser’s but I just want to fuck but they basically tell me I’m too forward, I need to slow down… I don’t get it! This is what all men want isn’t it, no strings attached, good sex!! So what do I do now that I’m all horny and no man….. Hmmmm well son your here and I’m here all horny… That’s right… You going to fuck mommy! I start by taking my big titties out so you can suck them son, just like when you were younger… Then I tell you to get your cock out… Oh my! Son you have definitely grown… I start sucking your cock son, feels so good to have that cock grow harder in mouth… I look into your eyes and tell you how you remind me of daddy.. He looks at me just like while I suck his cock! I can’t believe I spent my night on that date that went absolutely nowhere when you were here all along. I lay down and pull my dress up, told you I had no panties on… Come and lick my pussy son, start by licking that clit.. Then tongue fucking that tight hole for me… Oh yes son this feels so good.. Make me explode in your mouth. Now mommy want to ride your cock son.. That’s it let mommy take you deep into her wet pussy, suck on mommy’s titties while I ride you and come all over cock. After I cum all over your cock I want you on top of me, pounding mommy’s pussy untill you cum inside me.. Yes son I want all your cum inside me, please give it to me, cum inside me. Next daddy goes away I won’t waste my time with anyone else now I have you to fuck son.

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Jenni_Knight_24 – Blackmailed By My Son

You’re my mom who’s sneaking home after a gangbang with cum still dripping down your face. This would be pov style (Wear whatever you would wear to a gangbang lol) and I catch you, you get all surprised and shock but then offer to make it worth it to keep my mouth shut. You start by stripping and tit fucking me until I cum, adding to the mess. Then you get even more turned on and decide you need to taste it too and blow me until you finish with a short cum countdown. I imagine 3 cumshots and no names.

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Sarah Calanthe – Mommy Makes You Feel Better

Hey honey, are you feeling a little better? Here, Mommy made you some soup. That always makes me feel better when I’m sick. Oh, my poor boy. It’s so upsetting to see you like this. Is there anything I can do to help? Actually, now that I think of it… Have you been… helping yourself? You know, masturbation is very healthy and can speed up recovery. Mommy is happy to lend you a hand, if you want. Just to help you recover, that is all. It’s not like Mommy has ever fantasised about stroking your cock or anything. Or about sucking it. Not at all… But seeing how hard and big it is, that’s exactly what I want! To jerk you off and suck your cock until you cum in Mommy’s mouth. Oh my, that’s so much cum! It turns me on so much, do you mind if I touch my pussy? It looks like you’re not done yet… You want to go for another round, and of course Mommy is happy to help. I cannot fuck you, that would be wrong. But can I rub my pussy on your cock? You have to promise not to tell anybody about my special treatment. It just feels so good! Don’t worry, I will keep going until you feel better honey. That’s all Mommy wants. For you to feel better. Well, and for you to cum all over Mommy’s pussy. Every last drop.

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