Yogabella – Sons Beach Boner

Cum In Mouth, Dirty Talking, Handjobs, Mommy Roleplay

Son I’m so glad we could go on vacation again. WHY do you have a boner on the beach?! You saw me in my bikini and it just happened? Okay well I’ll help you get rid of it since there’s so many people around! Hurry!!

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Bettie Bondage – Dominant Mommy Drains You Better

Creampie, Dirty Talking, POV, Taboo, Virtual Sex

“How was the game, sweetie?” your mother coos, sitting down next to you on the couch. She knows. You can tell. She knows you were at the game with a girl. You try to lie, just in case you’re mistaking that look for something else…but its no use. Yup, she saw you with a girl, and now…well, she’s disappointed. And when mommy is disappointed in you, there’s no stopping her from draining your cock. She’s been doing it for ages, and even now that you’re 18 she hasn’t stopped. And now that she knows you were out with a girl? God, she’s never going to let you leave the house without emptying your balls with her hand. It’s always been her hand in the past. Clearly it’s not working, she says, as she starts to pull her blouse down, exposing her gorgeous, big breasts. “I know I usually save this for your birthday, but…do you want to touch them?” she asks, bringing herself close to you, pushing her breasts in your face. You groan, your cock throbbing in her hand as she slides down, her mouth so close to your cock. She’s never going to let anyone else have you, its always going to be her…but maybe that’s not so bad…

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RheaSweet – Mom And Son Almost Caught

Caught, Family, Mommy Roleplay, POV Sex, Taboo

I’m so happy that my son has come home to visit for the holidays. It feels like so long since I have seen him. He sure has grown up into such a handsome man. I’m sure all he’s getting lots of attention from the ladies. He tells me I look nice in my nightgown. Oh this thing? He sure is being sweet. It sure is nice to have a young handsome man around telling me I look nice. I tell him I should go get changed, but he pulls me into him. Something has gotten into him… and it feels like something has gotten into me also. The way he’s looking at me and touching me feels so good, but it’s so inappropriate. Still, I can’t say I don’t like it. Mothers and sons shouldn’t be doing these kind of things. Plus the entire family is just outside the door. Someone could walk in at any minute. Can you imagine what they would say? But my son is so hard for me. And he’s making me feel so wet. I just have to feel my son’s cock for a minute. Just a couple of strokes. Oh, he is so hard for Mommy! Well, I can’t leave him in this state. Mommy will take care of him. I have him lay back on the bed while I pull his huge cock out. As I’m stroking it, I can tell he wants to see Mommy’s titties. I pull out my titties and ask my son how they look. I can tell by his reaction that he loves it. Imagine if someone walked in right now and saw Mommy stroking her son’s huge cock. Oh, I have to taste him now. I get on my knees and suck my son’s cock. He tastes so good! I suck on his cock until I can’t take it anymore. I think we should risk it. I think I want him inside me. I need my son’s cock in my wet pussy. I climb on top of my son so he can see Mommy’s ass while I ride him. He throws me on to the floor and fucks me. It’s taking all I’ve got not to scream out in pleasure. I feel I’m getting close to cumming. So close, but I hear someone coming! My son doesn’t slow down. He fucks me harder, and I can’t take it anymore. I want him to cum with me. I cum so hard all over my son’s cock, and I can feel him throbbing as he fills his mommy up with his cum. Oh no, now someone is opening the door! Hurry we have to move! I put my slip back on as his father comes in. I keep my husband busy while my son’s cum is dripping down my leg. Whew! Did he suspect anything? I don’t think so. I don’t think he knows his son’s cum is in Mommy’s pussy. Well, that felt amazing. I will be thinking about this all day.

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NikkiHugs – Impregnate Mommy With Your Virgin Cock

Dirty Talking, Impregnation Fantasy, Mommy Roleplay

Good morning! Do you remember mommy coming home last night, in a slutty dress? We played a little truth card game where I told you a dirty secret, and you shared one with me too. You told me you were a virgin and wanted mommy to take your virginity! You’re my good boy, and good boys get to fuck mommy’s cum hole and cum inside.

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Sexyblonde69xx – Be Quiet So Your Dad Doesnt Hear

Family Room, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Taboo

Wanna watch some tv with me? Of course you can have some of the blanket. Are you cold? Wait…or are you trying to hide a boner, son??? You are as sick as your dad who is in the next room!! What is even turning you on? Well, yeah, I don’t have panties or a bra on but I hardly ever do…oh, let me guess, you always get turned on then?? Are you naughty enough to try to stay really quiet with your dad in the next room? Let mommy see that hard cock then babe…

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Sexyblonde69xx – Waking Mommy Leads To Creampie

Breeding, Impregnation Fantasy, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Taboo

What are you doing in here son?? Wheres your father?? I’m naked! Oh hes at work again huh? Surprise surprise! You heard our private conversation about wanting to get pregnant? You dont have to worry about things like that sweetie. You want to help huh?

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Sexyblonde69xx – Oops We Did It Again Son

Fantasies, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Taboo, Virtual Sex

Everyone is wondering why they couldn’t find us in the house last night. It’s because we were fucking for the very first time but we can’t tell them that! We wait for everyone to leave before we finally get a chance to ourselves to talk about it. Well, talking about it only turns us on even more, we really can’t resist each other anymore, we’ve already done it once, why not again?

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Sexyblonde69xx – A Very Taboo Holiday W Mommy

Fantasy, Mommy Roleplay, Role Play, Taboo, Virtual Sex

I told you today wasn’t the best day to come home, honey. You know I will be cleaning and getting ready for the Christmas party tonight. There’s really not anything you can do to help honestly. You can stick around and be the cookie taster if you want! haha. Really, everything is good. You just relax! You think I haven’t missed you while you’re not here?? Thats ridiculous!! Of course I have, I just keep myself busy, and mommy is a big girl now. Don’t worry about me! Do I remember when you used to get nightmares when you were younger? Of course I do! I felt so helpless, they were just horrible nightmares. Do you remember what mommy did to really help calm your nerves a few times? You do?? Yes, of course I do! It’s not something a mommy forgets doing with her precious boy for the first time. A mother never forgets…..I’m actually thinking about it all right now just like it was yesterday and I’m aching for your cock, son. The word that we all love very much is in here a few times.

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Sexyblonde69xx – Mommys Gonna Make You A Man Son

Fantasies, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Role Play, Taboo

Hi, honey, did you have a good day? Thats great! Listen, I need to talk to you about something serious this evening. No, no dont worry! Its nothing bad. I will come to your room this evening ok? Knock knock! Hey honey. I came in nothing but a tshirt because I know thats something that really turns your dad on so I thought it might you too…Look, youre an adult now and its time mommy helped you become a real man….Trust me…

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Sweetkiss_69 – Mom Gives Bday Present

Dildo Sucking, Dirty Talking, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Taboo

A special gift for my boy On your 18th bday I have a gift for you. You see me in my lingerie and try to leave but I stop you, reminding you of the way you use to suckle my breasts. I assure you that what you feel is perfectly natural as I talk you into undressing. I suck your dick as I tell you how you came from my pussy and other taboo talk and after you cum in my mouth I assure you this is just the beginning.

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