Sweetkiss_69 – Horny Mom Catches You In Shower

Dirty Talking, Mommy Roleplay, POV Sex, Solo masturbation, Taboo

Bringing you a towel you dont see her at first as she touches herself watching, coming to and leaving you a towel she goes to her bed and fingers herself talking about fucking your dick when you come in and admit you want the same thing. She bends over doggy style and encourages your naughty nut balls deep in her mom pussy.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy and Son A Risky Affair

Creampie, Fantasies, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Taboo

The affair you and your Mommy are having behind your family’s back is becoming harder and harder to hide. Your Mommy has recently started dressing for “easy access” so you can fuck her whenever you want, even when people are in the house. How long can this taboo affair remain secret?

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Selena Ryan – Caught Jerking To Mommys Fat Latina Ass

Big Butts, Cumshots, Domestic Discipline, Mommy Roleplay, Taboo

Mommy undressing after a long day at work. You are peeping from inside her closet, unbeknownst to her, as a silent voyeur. As she strips, you silently stroke your cock to her big ass from the closet. Suddenly, she looks up and meets your eyes – you’re caught! She opens the closet door and confronts you, chastising you for your behavior. Your Mommy instructs you to go to your room and think about what you’ve done. While you wait there, she’ll figure out a proper punishment for you. Cut to Mommy Selena entering your bedroom, now sporting a sexy leopard-print bodysuit that really highlights her fantastic ass. She asks you if she looks hot, if you like her big fat ass – of course, you do! Mommy tells you that you need to learn how to resist your naughty urges and restrain yourself around her big ass, so she has decided to teach you a lesson in discipline. Mommy will tease you with her big ass, but you can’t touch your cock at all! She tells you to lay down and oils up her ass as she stands over you. Next, she squats down with her cheeks brushing the tip of your cock (white dildo) with each squat. It drives you crazy to not be able to play with yourself with Mommy’s perfect ass teasing you! Next, she has you stand behind her, so that your cock rubs on her cheeks. She bends over repeatedly, all the while your tip is right in her crack. She then twerks on your cock and squeezes the tip in her crack (still wearing her sexy bodysuit). She clenches her big ass around your cock several times and suddenly you spill your load inside her crack unannounced. Mommy is appalled! How dare you cum in her buttcrack! She spreads her cheeks so we get a nice view of your cummy mess in her asscrack before storming off.

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Mama Fiona – BreakUp TLC Mom Son

MILF, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Role Play, Taboo

You are my son and I come into your room to comfort you a bit, because you and your girlfriend broke up. I offer some words of encouragement. I do my best, but its not cutting it because you are a wreck. And I know my boy, I know my boy is probably so horny from the lack of intimacy lately. I offer myself to you, knowing that you will want nothing more than your mother’s comfort. I slowly reveal my breasts, you begin to nurse from me, your cock is growing bigger by the moment. I am stunned to see how big my boy has grown, and I compliment you on your size and beauty…. your ex girlfriend has no idea what she gave up! Not after long I am mounting myself on top of you; your cock throbbing as you return to the warmth inside of your own mother. I am talking dirty now, letting my son take refuge inside of me, instructing you to fuck me with that cock I made, and encouraging you further to not worry about the girl you just broke up with. Don’t worry, because you can continue to fuck me as long as you need to! And mommy won’t ever break your heart.

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Mama Fiona – A Closer Look

Doggystyle, Mommy Roleplay, Role Play, Taboo, Upskirt

You are hanging out in my bedroom with me while I play on my phone. E make some idle chit chat and I shift my legs, revealing my perfectly plump and swollen innie pussy. You can’t tear your eyes away! Do you even want to? I am oblivious that you’re even looking… well… until of course I become UN-oblivious and decide to then tease you with my open legs. Is my son really staring at me like that? Is he hard? Your gaze upon me just sets something off and I decide to seduce you… come here sweetie, why don’t you take a closer look? You oblige and crawl down on the floor, placing your face on the edge of the bed, right between your mothers legs. The pussy you came from. I want you to taste me, and I spread eagle before you, giving my own son the opportunity to LICK his mother to his hearts desire. You are so good and I want to ride your face! I ride you till you make me cum, and of course I want my son to have his fill, so I flip over into doggy style where you place you fat cock inside my mommy hole and pound away until I beg you to cum inside – creampie me sweetie! Thats the BEST place to cum! Right inside your own mother. Boy I sure am glad I didn’t wear panties today.

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Bunibun – Mommy’s Christmas Present For You

Christmas, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Taboo

Hunny its Christmas, it’s time to wake up! Your mom comes in your room in a sexy Christmas outfit and tries to wake you up all sweetly, but you arent waking up. She knows exactly what to do, she crawls under the blankets and starts sucking your cock under the covers until you wake up. She crawls out form under the covers and says she knew that would wake you up. She tells you she wanted to suprise you for Christmas and that she knows how much of a “mommy/son” fetish you have from all that porn she has found on your computer, so she wants to make her special boy happy this Christmas and let you fuck her……but on one condition….you have to cum inside mommy and impregnate her. She gets ontop of you and starts slowly riding you until she starts getting really into it and rides you from behind giving you a nice view of mommys perfect ass bouncing on your cock. You then take her from behind fucking her in doggy (no toy, simulated) and finishing fucking mommy in missionary. She then tells you to cum inside her and that you gave her so much cum that you definatly got her pregnant and tells you merry christmas and how much she loves you.

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Natashajane – Son Cums On Moms Panties

Creampie, Dildo Fucking, Mommy Roleplay, Solo Female, Taboo

After getting ready to go out and putting clothes on, I put my panties on and noticed a wet patch. It was warm, wet and sticky and smelt very familiar! I knew it was my stepsons scent! So I went into his room and told him off, and showed him where he should cum instead. He was ready for a second round, so I rode his hard dick and ordered him to cum inside of me, and never again on my panties!

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