Lucy Marie – Mommy is the only women you will ever cum inside

Lucy Marie – Your parting gift to Mommy
You might be going away to boarding school, but Mommy has programmed and conditioned you into only sexually responding to her, there will be no other girls… Mommy has a gift for you before you go, she wants your seed inside her, and she wants to be pregnant, a part of you growing inside her….at last just how she always dreamed.
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Mistress T – Moms Closet Peeker

My naughty, perverted boy has been hiding in the closet, watching me undress. His little erect pecker sticking out has given him away though. Tsk tsk. I tease him about it and then decide I better help him get rid of it before the babysitter gets here. I stroke it with Mom’s expert hands…I tease him with my body and coax him along with my soothing voice, encouraging him to cum for Mommy…
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Payton Hall – Paytons family album

Payton Hall – My Son’s Huge Cock
Payton Hall – Seducing My Son
Payton Hall – My Mom Seduced Me
Payton Hall – Cock Blocked By Mom

Sometimes a woman just has to have a big cock!!! Even if it’s her own son’s!!! Payton is addicted to her son’s huge cock….And she doesn’t care who knows it!!
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Ivy Starshyne – The birds and the bees talk gets out of control

Hi honey, I feel like you’re at the perfect age for us to finally talk about… sex. I was told about the incident at school, that you were caught making out with that cute girl you told me about… I think that’s fine, though you really should be more careful next time. Ideally though, you should really get your sexual tension out in other ways. I mean, you probably understand what happens during sex. It all feels good… but you have to be safe. You don’t want to be getting anybody pregnant, do you?
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Lovely Lilith – First sex lesson with mom

Hi, Honey! I’m so proud of how grown up you are! You’ve turned into quite the man. You’re so handsome!
I wanted to let you know, however, that I’ve heard some things from the other moms at school. They say you’ve got a girlfriend.
I’m not upset, don’t worry. I’m happy you found a girl! I just want to make sure that you know what you’re doing… in the sex department.
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Xev Bellringer – Jealous Mommy Replaces Your Girlfriend

Good morning sweetie! It’s so nice having you here for the whole weekend. I get to see you so rarely now that you’re serious with this woman. You’ve told Mommy nothing about her and yet she’s important enough to replace me in your life. No woman will be able to take care of you, love you as powerfully and unconditionally as I do. What does this girl have that Mommy can’t provide for you as well?
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Larkin Love – Make Mom Feel Sexy Again

Son, are you still up? Your bedroom light is on. I know I said I wouldn’t be home until tomorrow morning, but my date didn’t go so well. Son? Oh my god, I’ve caught you with your pants around your ankles. Hah, well, I guess I can’t be too upset. You are a growing boy after all and have your urges. Hell, even your Momma has her urges. Too bad my over-the-hill, old-ass date couldn’t get it up for me. That’s the problem with dating men my age – they just don’t have the stamina that young studs do.
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Mommy Know How Much You Want to Stick Your Cock Between My Big Tits

Fresh out of the backyard pool, your mother ventures into your bedroom to collect your dirty laundry, and she’s not at all happy that you still can’t pick up after yourself… UNTIL she sees your big, hard cock out in the open and on display.
She’s walked in on you in the middle of a private masturbation session, and the very sight of your rock-hard member makes Mommy want more.
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Taboo Mom Natasha – Mom taunts son till she gets him to fuck her

Taboo Mom Natasha – Is this what you want son
Max was always sneaking his moms bras, and she finally figured it out and confronted him. What if i touched you max? She asks.. She sees he is getting aroused…She takes down her pants… I bet you didnt know mom had such a nice ass did you? She taunts him till she gets him to fuck her.. Mom assures him it will last forever and she asks him to make her pregnant, then it will always be the 2 of them…
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