Claudia Valentine – Comforting My Mom

Part One: Your mom just got home and she’s really upset because she didn’t get the promotion she was suppose to get, and the guy she’s been seeing just disappeared. Being the nice son you are, you rub your Mom’s back and shoulders. Enjoying the comforting a little too much, she starts to really appreciate what you’re doing for her a little too much.. and wants to return the favor her own way.
Part Two: After your evening together, Claudia is craving you again. She comes into his room in a robe, and begins stripping in front of you. She has to have you again, and you feel exactly the same way.

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Dirty Princess – Mom JOI with her Dirty Panties

Pleasing mommy and following my jerk off instructions is such a turn on. I know you cant resist step mommy with my big luscious tits and as i spread my legs and open wide for you. I know you love to sniff my panties and taste my cum, so in this video i give you what you want. Mommy tells you and shows you how I want you to stroke your cock to me and for me. I give you a little cum countdown and want you to mimic how i stroke this cock.

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Missbehavin26 – Fuck Mom while shes watching her shows

Your “son” will come up from behind and start grabbing your butt and kissing you on the neck. You’ll push him back and ask what he is doing. He’ll tell you that he is horny and wants to fuck. You’ll tell him that last week was a mistake and that you were drinking and lonely. He’ll insist, but you don’t give in. You then sit down to pee with your thong pulled down, while he is still asking to fuck you. While sitting on the toilet you tell him to leave you alone and that your favorite tv show is about to start. He looks sad and keeps asking you while standing right in front of you and trying to grab your boobs. You feel bad for him and give in. You tell him this’ll be the last time and walk him to your bedroom so you can watch the show in the meantime. You lay in bed on your stomach while facing the tv. You pull down your thong to your knees, slap your ass and tell your son to start doing his thing. He quickly gets naked and gets behind you. He starts grinding his dick up and down your butt crack while you casually turn on the tv and start watching your show. He then puts you in doggy style and starts fucking you. You’re too glued to the tv to care about him fucking you. While watching your show, you talk to him about random mundane things like how school was and what he wants for dinner. You completely ignore the fact that he’s fucking you. Then you get a phone call from your husband and start talking to him while still getting fucked. He asks you if you’ve seen your son and that he isn’t answering his phone. You tell your husband that your son is with you watching tv and that you two are having a mother-son bonding session. You also tell him that you think your son really needs to get a girl friend. After talking, you hang up and continue watching tv and casually talking to your son. You tell him to hurry up since your show is about to end. He tells you that he’ll cum sooner if you blow him. So you reluctantly get on your knees and start blowing him while telling him things like “this isn’t exactly what other mothers do for their sons. You know how lucky you are that I’m letting my own suck stick his dick in his mother’s mouth?” He still can’t cum after a minute so you get back in doggy position for him to fuck you and start doing some dirty talking to encourage him. You’ll do it in a unamused tone, clearly faking your enthusiasm while saying things like, “Oh yeah, that feels so good. Fuck your mommy son. “I really like having my son fuck my pussy.” He then tells you to get on your knees and you think he wants you to blow him again. To your surprise, he ends up cuming on your face. You are disgusted and tell him you don’t like facials and not even allow your husband to do that. You put your thong back on and walk away

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Goldie Brair, Christina Carter – Mother And Aunt Tease

Milf Mom Goldie and Cougar Aunt Christina are dressed in sexy tight dresses for a girls night out and seeing you the POV Son and Nephew checking out their sexy bodies getting a Taboo bulge in your pants they decide to cock tease you and JOI while dirty talking to you how much you like to see your Mom’s tits and Aunt make out with her Sister while encouraging you to masturbate and watch them masturbate to a family orgasm together!

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Cherry Morgan – Mommy’s All You Need

Mom sneaks into your room at night and tells you that you need to get rid of this girl that you’re seeing. Those girls don’t know how to touch you the way mommy does because she’s been doing it for a very long time. So now that you know that mommy can take care of you, you never have to leave. Ever!

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Xev Bellringer – Your First Time With Mommy

How could I know it would happen like this. I didn’t even know he wanted me… his own mother… not until I caught him spying on me. And not just once. I thought it was innocent at first, him hiding in the bathroom while I did my stretches. My son wouldn’t look at me like THAT… would he? But then in the shower, I caught a glimpse of him behind the door. Watching me wet, slippery, and completely naked. Was it wrong for me to like it? Was it wrong for me to secretly coax him along in this forbidden fantasy, gently running my fingers over my soapy breasts and ass. It felt good being watched. Being wanted. I went to his room with only a towel wrapped around my naked body. It was only a massage after all… it didn’t have to go any further. But it did. My son’s hands pressed into my sore back and all I wanted was for him to touch me lower, deeper. And he would, if his mother asked it of him, touch my big breasts… squeeze them until my nipples got hard from excitement – until HE got hard… Oh, my boy was SO aroused, and it was up to Mommy to show him what came next…

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Your Mother Needs You Desperately

It’s a desperate, desperate situation. The absolute MOST dire. Just completely fatal… if your mother doesn’t get what she needs – and NOW! You’re the only one that can help, and it’s the hardest thing in the world for her to ask of you. She knows it isn’t appropriate; she knows it could be asking just way too much. You’re her son. And your mother needs your cum.

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Do I Really Have to Do Everything Around Here?

What in the world is a mother to do? It’s just positively SHAMEFUL to walk in on my own son and find his bare, naked, fleshy cock standing erect before me! And it’s SO HUGE! I just can’t even discuss what is so wrong about you doing such a thing without locking the door and claiming you can’t even fit it back into your pants… because it’s staring at me! I can’t even block it out of my peripheral vision! I just can’t believe it… it’s so… raunchy. So, incredibly DIRTY. AND SO BIG! I just… well someone has to do something about it. We can’t have you just standing there with that thing capable of scaring any sensible person have to death. I guess your father hasn’t even discussed such things with you… he always leaves it all up to me! In fact, BOTH of you do! FINE! I’ll just have to take care of it myself! AS ALWAYS!

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Scarlett Demitro – You’re Bigger Than Your Father

You’re taking a nap trying to catch some Zs but your mother Scarlett has other plans for you and your cock. She knows exactly how to perk you up as she slides her plump tits against your crotch. It doesnt take you long for your eyes to shoot open as your dick grows hard, feeling her nipples against your tip. I bet youve got a bigger cock than Daddys this is a side of your mother youve never seen before! Not only allowing you to take a firm grab at her tits, but softly moaning; getting aroused by your touch. Your naughty mother however, wants more than your hands, getting you down to nothing so she can slide your cock right in between her big tits. Your cock is so much bigger than Daddys! burying your cock, Mommy knows how to treat her son right; wouldnt it be nice to wake up from all your naps like this? as they always say, mother knows best!

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Want to Know a Filthy Secret Your Aunt and Cousin Do It Too

Are you ready for Mommy? Do you like my negligee? …It’s Daddy’s favorite… I love that look in your eyes when you know what we’re about to do – what comes next. When your mother is going to fuck you. But this time… THIS TIME, Darling, I have a secret to share with you… something I just found out myself. Your Aunt Tina? She’s fucking her son too! Yes, your cousin… he’s getting it from Mommy. hee hee Just like us. Hmmm… maybe we should have a foursome some time. Or do you want to keep me all to yourself, my darling? Of course, you do. Guess what I’m going to do right now. I’m going to call Tina… and tell her what we’re about to do. Yes, every sexy detail, every dirty deed. Would you like that? Would you like to invite your aunt to listen in? Do you want to hear your mother tell her everything I’m doing to you… everything you’re doing to me… while we’re fucking?? And wouldn’t be unreal… wouldn’t it be the filthiest thing of all… if we found out SHE’S fucking HIM too – right now?? This is going to be so incredibly hot… God, I love to tease you until you explode!!!

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