Kenna Valentina – Mommy Wants To Watch You Finish

Hi Honey. You were watching me sunbath again- You don’t have to deny it, I saw you peeping.. I know I’ve talked to you about this before, but I feel like at this point.. if you want to watch me, you can. I know it’s hard to resist- you love watching your mommy sunbath. But it’s ok, I don’t mind. And I know sometimes you touch yourself when you’re watching me because you leave a mess and you don’t realize it.. But now might be the time where we take things to the next level instead of you watching me when you think I’m not aware. I’m giving you permission to indulge in whatever desires you feel when you watch me. Ok? It’s ok. Don’t be embarrassed. This is totally natural and normal.. Now, since I came in before you had the chance.. I’d like you to finish for me.

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Bettie Bondage – Catching Your Mom Being The Team Slut

You come home early from school one day to some strange sounds coming from your parents room. When you go to investigate, you realize it’s the sound of sex! But…is that?…the man sounds unlike your father, and when you peek in, you see your mother riding a big black cock, decidedly not your father! You watch for a few minutes, entranced by the way your mother enthusiastically rides this guy’s cock, listening to her blazingly hot dirty talk before hurrying off so she doesn’t see you in the hall. You can’t decide what to do, it’s on your mind at all hours of the day…and then, you get home early from practice and hear similar noises from the bathroom! You hear your mother asking the mystery guy if he’s sure that you won’t be home from practice til seven…and when you hear the response, you know right away! You watch your mother, bent over the bathroom sink, getting it deep from behind…from your teammate! You realize that black cock must belong to another teammate…your mother is the team slut!! You’d heard stories about this older woman a few of them had gangbanged…but…your mother?!?! You don’t know whether to be disgusted or turned on but the rising hardon in your jeans insists its position on the matter. You run to your room and jerk off to the thought, cumming harder than you thought possible. The next day, you decide to confront her. You have to hear it from her, before you go to your teammates or your dad or anyone else. You skip class and find her, laying naked on her bed, a used condom and a purple dildo laid out beside her. You feel that same rise in your pants, but you try to ignore it. You need the truth! You watch your mother, her big breasts rising and falling, her pussy still glistening wet from her last extramarital fucking. When she finally awakens, she looks confused. Where you watching her? What do you want? You waste no time telling her what you need from her: the truth. All of it! A full confession of every dirty secret. Hearing your mother explain how and why she took all your teammates cocks, even your coach, in all her holes has you rock solid. You try to remain distant, angry, but it just turns you on. Your mother, a total slut, taking young cock and cum in all her holes, begging for more…you can tell she’s breathing faster. She’s getting turned on confessing to you! You shift in your seat, your cock prominent in its hardness. She notices. Her hand falls a bit, the blanket shifts so you can see her hard nipples. She reaches for the purple dildo, raising an eyebrow at you…you take the opportunity, pulling your cock out as your mother pulls back the covers, spreads her legs for you, begins plunging the toy in and out as you stroke, her confession getting dirtier, more joyous as she thrusts the toy inside her soaking, well fucked pussy, urging you to cum with her as she throws her head back and cums for you, your mother, the team slut.

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Bettie Bondage – This is What You Wanted

“This is what you want, isn’t it? To fuck me. God, I can’t believe you’re doing this. Stooping this low. You know I’m your mother, right? That this is wrong?…This is really fucked up, you know that right? Fine, if this is what you want. To keep quiet. Then let’s do this. Go ahead. What, you’re just going to watch me undress? Aren’t you going to take your cock out? C’mon, if you’re going to make me do this, then go ahead. Follow through with it if you’re going to demand your mother fuck you. You pervert…that’s right, take it out. C’mon, fuck me. Do it. This is what you want, isn’t it? Come fuck me…my god, didn’t take long for you to cum, now did it? Mmm, that was quite a bit…wow…you’re still hard? Well, if you’re going to make me do this, I might as well benefit, right? Get on your back, I’m going to rid you til I cum. That’s right, just like that…let me grind my pussy onto your cock until I cum…just like that…right there…Oh, god, I’m cumming on your cock! Are you ready to cum again? Mm, young men. So virile! I want to taste it…”

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Reya Reign – Mommy Loves Sucking Cock

Mommy has something to tell you… I have a bit of a problem. I LOVE sucking cock! And it’s been a few days… What if mommy sucked YOUR cock? Would you keep my secret and not tell your father? I promise you’re going to like it when mommy’s lips lock around your dick and mommy gags on it! You’re going to love the feeling of my spit slathered around your hard cock as my hand jerks up and down. The combination of my mouth and my hands push you to the edge as you cum into mommy’s mouth and watch her swallow every drop of your load!

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Annabelle Rogers – You Got Mommy Pregnant

Mommy is missing you ever since you left for college. You finally come home to visit and I sit you down to talk. I’ve noticed all the girls on your social media and I want to have a serious sex talk with you. I don’t want you getting some random college slut knocked up. The conversation gets awkward and I decide I want you to show me how you are having sex. You refuse but I threaten to pull you out of school. You fuck me missionary and then I ride you until you cream pie me. You come back months later for a visit telling me that you got your girlfriend pregnant. I reveal to you that I am pregnant as well and I make you come back to live with me or otherwise I will tell everyone what you did to me.

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Natalie Wonder – Daddys Gone But Now We Find Our Happily Ever After With Eachother

We haven’t looked through this photo album in years. Look at all these memories. I’m getting even more upset now looking at these sentimental photos so soon after your father’s passing. I can’t stop crying. All I’ve been doing is crying. This is so hard baby. Yes, I know it’s part of the grieving process. I can’t believe your father’s really gone. He’s not going to come home anymore. I’m so scared to be alone. You’re all mommy has now. I love you so much. You’ve been so good to me during this tough time. I don’t deserve you. God you look so much like him. It’s almost as though your father is still here…but he’s in you. You remind me so much of him. You’ve turned out to be such an amazing young man. I’m so proud of you. Here I go crying again. I need another tissue. A part of me is still so mad at him. I told him for months to go to the doctor. He didn’t listen. And now he’s gone. Oh baby, mommy needs you so much right now. I need a hug. It’s so comforting to hold each other. Um…wait…I don’t know what’s happening…my emotions are all over the place. These new feelings are coming over me…towards you. Feelings which are very inappropriate for a mother to have for her son. Go with it? No no no. Don’t tell me that. I know it’s wrong but it seems so right. Mommy goes in for a kiss. A long, passionate kiss with her son. Oh my goodness I’m so sorry baby! I can’t believe I just did that. All of a sudden I felt an overwhelming sense of love and attraction towards you. I couldn’t stop myself from kissing you. And it felt so right. It’s as though the feelings I had for your father I have for you now. Let’s not fight it. Kiss me…I love you so much. Hold me. Baby, I want to make love…with you. Make love to me. Right here. It’s just us now. We need each other. Kiss me again. I want to be as close to you as possible. Feel my body baby. And let me feel yours. I feel such crazy, deep love for you right now. I want us to express it…to each other…let’s make love…I am yours…

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Xev Bellringer – Your New Mommy Bot

You’ve wanted your mother for a long time. Watching her in the shower, going through her panty drawer… it wasn’t enough. You needed more. You needed her hands on you, wanting you, stroking you, taking you inside of her. The hair from her brush was all they required. The perfect mother, everything you loved and lusted for… embodied in an obedient robotic unit. A copy of your own mother. With additional enhancements of course, as specified. Heightened libido, eager compliance, inherent need to please… and keep her owner drained of cum. At all times. You woke up, her warm hands pushed gently against your chest, her large breasts pressed together in a tight bra, inches from your face. Her voice was sweet, loving, seductive. She wanted to be *with* you… *with* her boy… right now. It was your mother… on her knees… her wet lips wrapped around your throbbing cock. Sucking. Was this a dream? It couldn’t be *her*. And before you knew it, your hot cum was pumping into her tight, pulsating throat. This was… your new mommy bot. You didn’t realize she would be so… real. You could hardly tell the difference between her and your own mother. Until she insisted on showing you all of her programmed capabilities… and all of her physical characteristics. You couldn’t believe it. No more fantasizing about it… you would finally be able to fuck your mother… and she’d never even know it.

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