Butt3rflyforu – Happy Ending Massage

I am your mom’s hot mom best friend and you came into my massage studio for a massage. I enter the room to find you laying face up on the table and rather surprised to see you! I tell you I just had lunch with your mom and I begin the massage. I tell you that normally we start face down but it’s ok….at least you have a towel to cover you up. I start massaging you and asking how the pressure is…moving from body part to body part. I get to your thighs and notice you have been aroused and have a huge hard on. I tell you that’s ok and it happens. My hand suddenly grazes your throbbing cock…..I look at you for approval, and begin stroking you under the sheet. You look at me with approval and I keep stroking you…making you harder and harder….I tell you that we can’t tell your mom, this must be kept between us….I remove the sheet and put your hard , young cock in my mouth while I stick my finger in your ass….giving you a prostate massage while sucking you….I begin getting so wet…..after sticking several fingers in your ass…..you tell me to ride you….bareback….I tell you ok….but don’t cum inside me!!! You are very young and fertile and might get my pregnant!!!! I sit on your rock hard cock , riding you until I cum….reminding you not to tell your mom and don’t cum inside me……I turn around so you can see my ass….and that just excites you so much….I turn back around and you see my huge tits bouncing and you cum inside me!!!! I told you not to cum in me!!!!! OMG get off the table and clean yourself up!

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CherieDeVille – Horny Cougar Next Door Needs Cock

CherieDeVille – Horny Cougar Next Door Needs Cock
I am your next door neighbor and I am coming to see if your mom is home. When I find she isn’t I ask if I can take a shower at your place. I flash you in the shower and then seduce you on your mothers bed. This naughty MILF/ Cougar needs young cock.

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Ivy Secret – Married Milf Seduces Neighbors Son

A couple of days ago my new neighbors wife asked my mom if i wanted to make some extra money doing chores around the house for her. my mom told her i would love to and sent me over, when i got there i got super excited when i saw how hot she was! i did some yard work and when ivy paid me i was getting ready to leave when ivy saw how sweaty and dirty i was. she offered to let me shower off in her super nice steam shower, i excepted and went to the bathroom. a couple of minutes in the shower ivy came in to chat with me but here’s the crazy thing her shower curtain was clear glass and my dick was rock hard. ivy just made casual conversation with me and stole quick glances at my cock, she told me she’d have more work for me tomorrow if i was interested. i said i was, i finished my shower and went home! once i got out of school i went straight to Ivy’s, she greeted me at the door and invited me in. she told me her old shed in the backyard that needed to be painted, i went out back and got started! when i was finished 2 hours later i went to find ivy, i found her wearing a super sexy bikini sitting in her hot tub! i told her i got the shed all done but my back was hurting me so i was gonna call it a day. she told me since my back hurt i should join her in the hot tub, i told her i would love to but i didn’t have my bathing suit. she smiled and said i could just go in naked, she said it would bother her at all. she could tell i was nervous and she reassured me that it was fine with her and since her husband wasn’t home no one would know! i agreed, stripped and got in the tub. all i cold think about while we talked was how hot she looked and before long it happened, my dick got hard and i was naked! i decided to just be honest, i told Ivy i needed to get out because i had an erection and i needed to go home to take care of it. she laughed, she told me she was flattered and she couldn’t send me home like that, she told me to let her help. before long i was getting jerked off in a hot tub by my hot married milf neighbor! i cant wait to come back and do more chores for Ivy tomorrow.

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Sara St Clair – Playing With My Moms Hot Friend

Having my moms best friend Sara stay with us while she goes through her divorce has already been awesome. the other day she was taking a shower she asked me to bring her a towel and i got a quick glimpse of her naked! then she had me come back in the bathroom and rub lotion on her back. this morning i walked into the kitchen and found Sara wearing a short sexy robe a drinking coffee. she said both my parents left for work so it was just us, we made some small talk and then Sara told me she was going to go take a bath. i was sitting in the couch a little while and thinking about her all wet and naked and before long i was jerking off. i lost track of time and as i was in mid stroke Sara called down the hallway, i grab a towel and through it over myself as she came around the corner. i was panicked and asked her what she needed, that’s when i noticed she was just wearing a short white bath towel and nothing else. Sara asked if i could rub her shoulders and before i could answer she sat down on the floor in front of me and lowered her towel! so now my moms hot friend was topless in front of me face the other way with her back pushing against my raging cock that was only covered by my towel. so natural i did what any young man would do, i used one hand to rub Sara’s shoulder and the other hand to stroke my cock! i thought i was gonna get away with Sara happened to look over her shoulder and caught me! i tried to apologize and started begging her if i could finish! i told her i was so sorry but she was just so beautiful and was teasing me so bad i couldn’t help myself. telling her i thought she was beautiful seemed to do the trick, she told me if i didn’t tell anyone then i could finish. i agreed and started jerking, she spun all the way around and exposed her completely naked body and she stated masturbating as well. before to long we were both cumming, i cant wait to see what else happens with my moms hot friend!

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Tara Tainton – The Real Christmas Partys Happening Upstairs

Oh, hello there… And why aren’t YOU downstairs, at the party with the rest of us? Mmmm… I think the real party’s up here, isn’t it… Yes… I can tell by looking at you that you’re a real… partier. I bet you’re a big MASTURBATOR. Oooh, I said it! It’s true, isn’t it. Yes, you love to WANK that big cock of yours… to make yourself CLIMAX… to ORGASM. And I want to see you do it. I want to see you work that big cock. And you love hearing me say those dirty words, don’t you? Oh, I’m as dirty as you are, and I’ll prove it…

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Tara Tainton – My Gloved Hands Will Drive You Wild

What are you doing here? Watching me, aren’t you. You naughty boy. What if your mother new you were in my bedroom, hmmm? You’re supposed to be mowing my lawn… Have you been watching me dress for dinner? Oh, now, don’t get all nervous just because you’re a virgin. Oh, yes, I know it. It’s written all over your face… and by how quick you are to get an erection. No need to be shy… especially around your neighbor. Just relax… let me take over. You don’t have to do a thing. Especially now that I know it’s my satin gloves your drawn to. Like how they glide over my arms and up to my elbows? Love how they shine and caress my breasts? Do you want to feel them on your cock? You don’t have to feel like you’re losing control… I’m the one in control…

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idratherbenaughty – Fucked by my best friends son

I am best friends with your mother to this day because you and my son have been best friends since jr high. both you boys know how wild we are together but we are great together. tonite we are going to a swingers club in the valley, we have been planning it for weeks even buying matching outfits forthe club. I come in and sit down. Im kinda surprised when you come out. you tell me your mother isnt here. I think your kidding because theres no way in hell she would stand me up. you tell me someone very important from her past came by and she asked you to tell me shes sorry but will call me tomorrow. im so bummed but understand. you ask to see the sexy outfit I was going to wear out to the club . I tell you no and you tell me you have been stroking your cock for years thinking about my fat titties. could you please see them? i tell you I think its wrong but bring them out anyway. i was fine til you brought out your young hard cock. what am I going ton do? we are all like family and all I can do is think about tasting you and fucking you. after you make me cum so hard on your throbbing cock youu confess to me that your mother wasnt out with a friend. what? you tell me that you told your mom I called and said something important came up and we would have to do another time and then you had your sister take her to the movies. you tell me you wanted to fuck my mommy pussy hole for so long and then you creampied me so good

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Denali Dink Lu – Mom’s Friend Gives Son

Custom in which a scenario unfolds that a teen son has his Mom’s friend over as she’s locked out of her house. She decides to wait until the mom returns and chat with you. After an accidental nip-slip she sees you have an erection and – feeling responsible – she offers to help you handle it. She re-reveals her breast that slipped out before and a JOI commences; this gets her excited, and she decides to masturbate alongside you until you both cum. The video ends with some dialogue before the ‘Mom’ returns home and she rushes to get dressed.

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