Jocelynbaker – Mommy’s Friend Helps You Out

Mommy threw a pool party for your sister and her friends. You tried to hang out with them but seeing those cheerleaders in bikinis got your dick too hard. You run down to your room to hide it and within minutes your mom’s best friend is calling for you. She enters your bedroom to see you looking anxious. You know you can talk to her about ANYTHING! Okay..well, here it goes. You tell her all about your boner and at first she chuckles. That’s nothing to be concerned about! It’s completely natural for a boy like yourself to get a boner seeing all those hot girls. She pauses for a moment before suggesting she can help you. She knows just what you need. She tells you to pull down your swim trunks, suddenly she gets on her knees and reveals her big soft boobies. Shh, don’t look so shy! It’s alright. She takes your dick into her mouth and gently sucks you, playing with you and making you throb. A boy like yourself deserves more then a blowjob though. She pushes you back on the bed and mounts you, riding slowly at first and then so fast and intense that she cums all over you. You’re positive you’re about to cum too but she stops you. Your mom would freak if you got her pregnant, so her mouth will have to do. She gets back on her knees and sucks you until you explode in her mouth. She shows off the massive load before swallowing with a giggle. Alright sweetie, all taken care of! Now let’s clean up and get back to that party!

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Sloansmoans – Meet Your New Mommy

Watch as you and your mom come over to my place for a po*ol party. I’m your mom’s best friend and she’s told me everything about you and your mom’s “special relationship”. I don’t necessarily believe it all but then I walk into my room to grab something and I catch you standing there with a pair of my dirtiest panties in your face! Now I know that the stories are true. You are a little pervert! You go to leave but I block you in. I know all about your fetish for dominant women and now that you’re here alone with me I want you to jerk your cock as you sniff my panties. I start teasing you by showing off my sexy body in my bikini and I talk dirty about how you love sniffing my dirty panties. Your’e reluctant to keep stroking but I get the best of you. I then start teasing you more and tell you how I bet you want me to get my bikini all dirty for you too. I take off my bottoms and begin to masturbate and I rub them all over my pussy just for you. All the while I’m dominantly teasing and seducing you. I get them all nice and wet and tell you that you better keep stroking your hard cock for me. I take it even further by telling you to come over and start eating my pussy. You are hesitant and say fine but that’s as far as you’ll go. I laugh and tell you that we’ll see about that. You lick up my pussy and I know you love my flavor on your tongue. After a few minutes I take my bikini top off and rub it all over my asshole. I shove it up my ass several times and then drop it on the floor and I just know that you’re going to pick it up to sniff it all up. I tell you that after you’re done smelling my bikini I’m going to put it back on and wear it in front of your mom just to prove how much control I have over you. You try to leave again but I don’t let you. I get on my knees and grab your cock and shove it in my mouth. You try to fight back but it’s just a BJ… plus you don’t have a choice. You’re getting weaker and weaker for me. You bitterly enjoy my sucking and I tell you that I want more. I push you down and hop on your cock (POV cowgirl sex). You tell me you can only fuck your own mom and I laugh and say that I’m your new mommy now. I own you and you’re my good boy! I tell you that I’m going to use your cock for my pleasure and I cum twice. I tell you that I don’t care who can hear us because your new mommy doesn’t give a fuck about anyone else. I then tell you that it’s your turn to fuck me. I lay back and spread my legs for you (missionary POV sex). You’re still resistant and you’re almost hate fucking me at this point but I just tease you about it. I tell you that I know you love your new mommy and that you’re going to cum deep inside me. You love your new mommy. I then tell you to cum for mommy, cum for new mommy, over and over again until you fill me up…

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Kylee Nash – Seduced By Mom’s Friend

You’re staying with a family friend for a few weeks over the holidays. The sexy cougar has been a friend of your mom’s since before you were born and even used to babysit you, but this is the first time you’re alone with her since you were small. She mentions how your mom warned her not to “corrupt” you – isn’t that silly? What does she think, that you would want to have sex with a woman twice your age? Oh, you DO want to have sex with this curvy cougar who used to change your diapers? In that case, lay back and let her suck your hard young cock. She’ll ride you while her DDD tits bounce in your face, then let you get on top and spread her legs and encourage you to blow your load in your mom’s best friend.

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Jude Ryan – Mommy’s Friend Blows You

You wake up from your nap to Mommy’s friend standing over you, telling you how cute you are. Mommy tells her friend something that you don’t quite understand, and then mommy’s friend looks down your pants and is shocked by the size of your private parts. Before you know it, Mommy is watching while her friend is making a great big mess all over your penis. You blow a huge load all over her face, and she asks Mommy if she can do this again some time.

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Yogabella – Moms Bf Needs You For Porn Custom Vid

I’m your mom’s best friend! I heard that you are looking for a place to rent but everywhere is too expensive. I will let you live with me… just one thing. You have to make porn vids with me in return. Like 3-4 videos a day!! Let me see if your cock is the right size for the videos… mm it is. Let me taste you to make sure you taste good… mmm you do. And let me ride you so I know how good it will feel… AMAZING! pack your stuff up and come tonight, we start tomorrow!

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Lady Suzanne – Exciting Time with a MILF

Imagine being seduced by your parent’s friend, a sexy and very attractive milf that you have been looking at the whole evening. She comes into your room while at a party in your house, takes off her dress and makes you stroke and cum for her. Would you be able to resist her? Or you will just take out your hard cock, stroke it and cum for her like a good boy?

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MoRina – Mature Woman Takes Your Virginity

Your mom asked you to bring a book to Miss MoRina, and when you arrive, she’s really interested in digging into your personal life. She heard you’re a virgin and when you confirm that you are, she starts her campaign to seduce you. She convinces you first that a blowjob isn’t really sex, so you’ll still be a virgin… and she’s been flashing that cleavage and her sexy garter and stockings so somehow your brain thinks it makes sense. Then somehow she convinces you to come into her bedroom where she continues the mind game to convince you that if the two of you aren’t in a relationship, this could just be considered “education.” And then she took off her dress to reveal her sexy lingerie and stockings… at that point you don’t really care what it’s called as she climbs on top of you!

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Kinkykatlive – While Your Mum Is Away

Your mum isn’t home yet and I catch you stroking that sexy cock… Can’t help myself so I seduce you into letting me suck it and fuck it!

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Kellie O’Brian – Next Door Neighbour Milf

Kellie is baking some cakes for upcoming Thanksgiving party, but has ran out of sugar. Being new to the area as she has moved from UK, she knocks a neighbours door, to find the young stud son home alone. Will she get her sugar and will she get some plums?

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