Lady Fyre – The Sitters Appetite

Sequel to “Watching Porn with Your Sitter”. Part 1: I start to edge and tease you while talking about how you’re going to bring me one of your friends to play with. I show off my legs for you because in the little time we’ve spent together, I’ve learned that you love looking at my legs. You will only get release after I get to play with your friend. If you want to feel this pleasure again, you will bring me soft, young cocks to touch. You can even listen outside the door if you’d like. Part 2: I’ve played with your friend, so now it’s time for your release. I’m still wearing my clothes from earlier, which means that I’m still wearing the clothes I wore with him. Can you smell his fear? You were once afraid, and then you gave in. Now you beg me for release. It’s all you think about. You’re even willing to bring me more young cocks to touch just so you can feel the pleasure once again. You’re a good boy, and your friend is too. He loved my touch, even though he was afraid. He gave in. They always give in. You’re going to bring me even more boys. Say it. Tell me you’re going to bring them to me, and I will let you release. I’ll give you that sweet orgasm you’ve been craving, that orgasmic release that you need.

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Tara Tainton – Our Super Secret Club

You’ve just moved into the neighborhood and eager to make friends. There’s this nice lady down the street who invited you over for some cookies. She’s pretty too. You LOVE cookies. Even asked her if they’re homemade to make sure it was worth the extra time, especially since she said it was a secret invite, not to tell anyone. Wow… special cookies. And what a nice lady! Hopefully, you’ll find some new friends in the area that are your age soon. But until then, it’s not so bad having an older friend. And she has pretty eyes. And hair. And makes you feel all tingly.

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NoelleEastonxxx – Boy Scout Seduced By Cougar MILF

When my neighborhood boy scout shows up at my door selling cookies, I knew I had to have some even though my husband wasn’t home to pay. I invite him in for a glass of water and he nervously obliges. I strike up a conversation, hoping he will get comfortable with me. I love younger boys… the curiousity and eagerness always turns me on. I know I shouldn’t tease or fuck young boys but I simply can’t help myself when I see how their eyes bulge out of their heads when they see my big tits and my womanly curves. I love teasing him, his eyes widen with every piece of clothing that comes off. I can’t help myself, another young boy will lose his virginity to me today, I’m going to titty fuck, suck, and fuck him POV until he cums for the first time all over my pussy like a good little boy.

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Penny Barber – Mom And The Family Pup

I was gifted a very unusual dildo from my wishlist and decided to make a really dirty, kinky clip with it! Sorry if this weirds you out, but it is supposed to be kind of, well, weird. Who’s Mommy’s good boy? Who’s Mommy’s good boy? Yes, you are! Can you speak? Shake? Sit! Can you…get hard? Good boy! Can you…lick pussy? Good boy! Now, can you climb on top of me and fuck me until you cum deep inside of me? There’s a special treat for you if you can!

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The Younger The Better The Cock – Melanie Hicks

Melanie heard about a younger boy with a big well trained cock. She could not resist the temptation to try this young cock for herself. She searched everywhere to find him. She even went to strange parties to find clues and had to fuck a lot of younger guys to finally find him. She arrived and showed off her amazing body to “Little Johnny” and then she was amazed at how big his cock was. She did not waste anytime introducing herself to his mom and then she takes him to the living room and fucks his hard younger cock! I think I am becoming addicted to your cock she moans as she cums and begs for him to cum deep inside of her wet pussy.

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Tara Tainton – Are You Turned On by the Idea of Our Son Wanting My Tits and More?

It’s disgusting. What do you MEAN, “what is?!!!” Our son!!! …staring at my tits all night! With his WIFE sitting right next to him! Dinners with them are awkward enough as it is, but… Do you think it’s because SHE is so flat-chested?? Must be. Has him lusting after his own mother’s… STOP. I’m serious! If you’re going to tease me about it, if you’re not DISGUSTED by the idea of it… then… I’m ANGRY at you. Not taking me seriously?? What if I “joke” about letting him do it? ALL of it! …touch ’em, suck ’em, fuck ’em even! And you better not be turned on by it!!!

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Download Tara Tainton - Are You Turned On By The Idea Of Our Son Wanting My Tits And More.mp4

Goldie Blair – Daddys Little Man

Milf Goldie unsatisfied by your Father has snuck into your bedroom to seduce you with her sexy older woman body, pulling down your PJs to see your little young penis sucking and stroking your virgin penis as she dirty talks to you then Cougar Goldie pounces on your cock riding it to orgasm then jerking you off into her panties before putting them on with your cream inside before telling you this is our sexy little secret!

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Siena Rose – Fucking Away Your Shyness

Custom: You are outside talking to your cameraman about what you plan to do and explain you want to do it with a young boy. You admit that you are hesitant at first, but would like to know how it feels. You said you’ve heard from your friends who have babysat this little boy that has a big penis and are curious to find out. While talking to the cameraman you see the boy shooting a basketball and start talking to him (you looking down at the camera height difference). You start talking how he is working on being a starter when he goes to Highschool next year. He asks what’s up with the camera and you it’s for a documentary or something. You start flirting with him asking him if he has a girlfriend as responds that he’s shy to talk to girls. Ask him if he needs a ride as you say it’s supposed to rain and take him “home” but it’s actually your house. He says it’s not his home and you tell him the real reason why you have the camera and that you are going to fuck the shyness out of him. You bring him in and tell him to wait as you put on something more revealing. I come out wearing sexy lingerie and have redone my hair and makeup. I talk seductively to you and then tease your cock with my hands and mouth, telling you this sensation is similar to what a pussy will feel like. Then I climb on top of you and ride your young cock until I make both of us cum.

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Download Siena Rose - Fucking Away Your Shyness.mp4