Nikki Brooks in Moving in With My Stepmom vol 1

New House and Body Tour
My step-mom inherited my step-dad’s house, and she tells me that I can continue to live with her if I want to. “You don’t even have furniture yet!” I tell her. She gives me a tour of the new house, but I’m not impressed by the lack of furniture here. “The furniture is getting delivered tomorrow,” she promises me. My step-mom sits down on one of the only pieces of furniture we have so far, and she pulls her tits out! “These are brand new too!” she tells me. “Wow! Can I touch them? They’re so big!” I exclaim. “Of course you can touch them,” she tells me. She spreads her legs next, and she is not wearing any panties under her dress. I can feel my cock getting hard in my pants, and my step-mom notices too. She gets down on her knees in front of me and she pulls my hard cock out. She starts to suck my cock with her new, big tits still exposed from under her dress. She stands up and bends over the desk, so I can fuck her pussy in the doggy style position. “You’re such a good boy!” she moans. After a few minutes, she flips over so I can fuck her pussy in the missionary position next. “Keep fucking your step-mommy! I’m going to cum all over your cum!” she moans. “I want you to be a really good boy for me and cum inside of your step-mommy’s pussy!” she begs me. I keep fucking her until I cum inside of her MILF pussy, just like she asked me to!

Fucking My Step-Mom For Breakfast
I just woke up and I am looking for my step-mom, to see if she’ll make me some breakfast. When I get to the kitchen my step-mom is sitting on the kitchen table with her legs spread and her bathrobe wide open! “Wow! I wasn’t expecting this!” I exclaim. She throws her robe on the floor, and now she is naked except for the high heels on her feet. She kicks her heels off next, and then she pulls my hard cock out from under my shorts. She puts my cock in her mouth and she starts to give me a blowjob. A few minutes later, she stands up and bends over the kitchen table in to the doggy style position. I shove my cock deep inside of her pussy as I start to fuck her from behind. “That’s a good boy!” she moans. While I’m fucking her, she now asks me if I’ve decided to live with her full time. “I’m still thinking about it!” I tell her. She tries to bribe me by telling me that I can fuck her any time that I want. That is definitely a tempting offer! I ask her to turn over, so I can stare at her tits while I cum. I keep fucking her pussy until I cum deep inside of her!

Waking Up To My Step-Mom
“Have you told your friends about what we’ve been doing lately?” my step-mom asks me. “NO!” I exclaim. She pulls my cock out from under my shorts and she starts to give me a blowjob. “You wouldn’t mind if I sat on your cock now, would you?” she asks me. “Of course not! Go ahead!” I tell her. She climbs on top of me and she starts to ride my cock in the cowgirl position. I reach out and I rub her clit for a minute, and then I grab at her new, big tits. “Am I allowed to cum in your mouth this time, instead of inside of your pussy?” I ask her. “You can cum wherever you want to!” she tells me. I ask her if I can get a nice view of her ass next, and she nods her head. She flips around in to the reverse cowgirl position and she keeps bouncing up and down on my cock, with her ass facing me now. I keep slapping her ass and grabbing her ass cheeks while she rides me. I can feel myself getting close to cumming, so I ask her to lie down on her back next. I want to fuck her in the missionary position for my last position before I cum. I fuck her for a few minutes before I pull my cock out and I jerk my cock off in her mouth and all over her face! “I think I’ve decided that I want to live with you full time!” I tell her. “YES!!!” she exclaims. “I’m SO excited!”

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Lovely Lilith – Quarantine

The rise of the pandemic has brought you home from University early. Upon arrival, you find your father is away on business for the next couple weeks. You find yourself stuck in quarantine with his new wife, your step-mom. Things seem to be unraveling between her and your father, making your step-mom act out almost desperately. She can’t help but notice how much you and your father look alike…

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Goddess Fiona – MILF Stepmom Wants Your Cock

Quick Roleplay Jerkoff I knock on your door and peek into your room but I should have waited another minute because I accidentally just caught you jerking off! Oh fuck! Sorry hunny… wait… what are you watching??? Are you watching STEPMOM porn!? OMG…. Hunny! You’re watching stepmom porn that’s so funn-wait. I’m YOUR stepmom! You tell me that I’m the reason for the stepmom porn because you caught me getting dressed earlier and it made you so hard and horny that you had to come in here and jerk your dick. Well all you have to do is give me a little peek before I start feeling REALLY excited about seeing my stepson’s cock. I mean HUNNY! It’s like really nice…. Can your hot stepmom… play with it? Please??? Omg this is so wrong and so hott….I continue to give you JOI and suck your cock and tease you with my body until you cum…fuck. I hope your dad doesn’t hear us!

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ImMeganLive – A Stepmoms Touch Next to Dad

We were all watching a movie together in the living when my husband fell in the arms of Morpheus. I really loved how sneaky it was last time in the bathroom with my stepson, so I wanted to do something similar, but even riskier! So I started to grab my stepson’s cock and made him hard. We both got super excited, but we had to be quiet! I was cheating right beside him! I had a surprise, I went and grab a brand new pair of knit gloves I got and started to tease and stroke his cock with them. Pulled out my boobs, grabbed his hand and put it on them to squeeze and play with them while I was jerking him off. We’re so lucky my husband was snoring, we knew he was still out, but we were scared the whole time that he’d caught us! It ended with a fireworks of cum, a memorable movie night!

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Miss Switch – Step Mom Teaches You About Sex

Your dad is out of town for a couple days, and it is a perfect time to get to know your new step-mom. However, she finds out that after all these years, your dad still hasn’t told you about the birds and the bees. As she is trying to get pregnant, you were curious as to how it happens. Being 18 years old, she is shocked that you have no idea how it works. She tries explaining it, but you are more of a visual, physical learner. She decides to teach you, letting you lose your virginity to her. However, you cannot cum in her, as she is ovulating. While you try not to, it is difficult for you to control yourself. You end up filling up her pussy with your sperm, impregnating your step-mom’s fertile womb… Let’s hope your dad doesn’t find out!

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Savannah Steele – Momma Savie After Workout JOI And CEI

Custom: I’d love if Savie Steele were in workout gear like yoga pants & a sports bra. She “catches” me peeping at her after she gets home from the gym. Tease me a lot with her sweaty ass & big tits. Include lots of face. A lot of Savie spitting onto my cock (telling me to rub it with her spit) I’d love if she pulled her tits out of the bra at the end. Then a cum countdown & make me cum on her boobs & then make me lick it up.

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imchloeswift – You Step Mommy Wants Your Cum

You Step-Mommy Wants Your Cum Your step-mom is bored at home, and she needs some entertainment, so she has decided to visit your room to ask you for some fun ideas when she notices your bulge. She is so surprised by the size of your cock that she decides shes is going to give you a hand-job and take all your cum Will you cum for your step-mommy?

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