Roxy Binxx – Panty Perv

I caught my perverted “grown” step son jerking off to my panties…. mommy knows best… and tells him what she wants him to do.. how to do it and gives him a pat on the back for doing such a good job.

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Tara Tainton – I Always Knew My Stepson Was A Big Perv

God… if only I had known. I would’ve… would’ve… PUNISHED you in some way. Oh, but I did anyway, didn’t I. hee hee. You couldn’t help yourself: standing there, just waiting for me to come out of the bathroom after my shower. Yes, you hoped to see something, didn’t you. You were watching me for so long. Did you see me make myself come? See my bare tits? Watch my slide on my silky sheer pantyhose? You little perv… but you had to have more, didn’t you. Yes, waiting for me like that – hoping – for something. I hope you got what you deserve.

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Dirty Princess – Stepmom Caught Watching Porn

Your dad is out of town and I am having a little alone time while you are away. Watching some porn in my room dresses in sexy lingerie touching myself starting to get into the video im watching BAM it happens you walk in the room without knocking. We are both shy and embarrassed but i decide to have a talk with you and tell you its ok its no big deal. Girls watch porn all the time, can tell you shy but liking seeing my sexy body dressed in strappy lingerie. Still horny because I didnt have my orgasm yet I see your cock in your pants. I want to show you its no big deal so i invite you to watch me watch porn and touch myself. I encourage you to take your cock out and stoke your dick to me pleasuring myself. I have you so hot and worked up I get you to blow a huge load right on my face… heheheeh now you love your HOT MILF.

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Goddess Anika Fall – Punishment By Step Mommy

You’ve been a bad boy! What I’ve found under your bed is completely unecceptable, and there must be a punishment for you to learn you lesson. Now is the perfect time since your dad is gone. I know you’ve had a thing for me since the day you first met me. You’re not into the college girls your own age, are you? Of course you’re not. I’ve got something very special in store for you today, and from here on out, you’ll be sure to have more respect!

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Goddess Tatum Kelly – Sexy Step-Mommy JOI

I am your Step-Mom and I love seeing you so hard for me, especially when I wear my pencil skirts. I know they’re your favorite! You know what’s even sexier? What’s UNDERNEATH my pencil skirt. Your biggest fantasy is to watch me walking around the house without any pants on because you love the way I look in my bra and panties. Today, I am wearing red, which is your favorite. I slowly slip off my pencil skirt and turtleneck to reveal what’s underneath, all while giving you very tantalizing jerk off instructions and teasing you with my sexy body. I tell you I am going to do chores and read you bed time stories in nothing but my bra and panties. You like that, don’t you? You’re really going to like the cum countdown at the end. I want you to blow your load to my sexy body, but only when I tell you to. Step-Mom knows best.

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Ivy Secret – Stepmom Tricked Into Sucking Cock

When your new stepmom is as hot as Ivy Secret you will do anything to have her sexy mouth wrapped around your cock. Ivy’s step son gives her some special tea that really gets her juices flowing. All of the sudden she is so horny she can’t keep her clothes on and is begging to suck your cock. You take all that you can before your cum is shooting down her throat and she licks up every last drop!

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