PennyTrait – Stepmom’s Secret Part Two

Your slutty stepmom wakes you up and she’s ready to seduce you once again. She’s been trying to get pregnant by you because your father is impotent! It didn’t work last time but your sexy mom Penny Trait isn’t ready to give up yet! She gets you hard immediately when she begins to play with her perfect pink pussy for you before sucking your dick POV style! Your stepmom Penny rides you until she almost cums, but then she lets you get on top of her and begs you for your cum!

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Mindi Mink – Stepmom Models Bras And Panties JOI

Your Step Mom Mindi has come from shopping and sees you waiting for her on the couch. You would rather spend time with her while Dad is gone then go out with your friends that night. She knows you secretly have a crush and lust for her. She tells you to sit back & relax while she tries on all her new panty & bra sets she just bought. One by one, slowly changing outfits she can see the erection in your pants. She tells you its ok to pull it out and jerk off while watching her. She loves to tease you with her sexy curves and big tits and encourages you to stroke your big cock until you cum. After you make a big mess for her she says its only fair that she gets to masturbate in front of you. She strips down naked and plays with her pussy using her fingers…you can’t take your eyes off of her and she tells you to stroke yourself again and cum with her. She’s such a naughty Mom…..and you love it.

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Butt3rflyforu – Your Step Mom Is Cheating On Your Dad

I am your hot step mom. Your dad is out of town all weekend and you are supposed to be at a friend’s house all weekend too. I think I am home alone, but you haven’t left yet. You made me think you did, but you didn’t. I invite the neighbor over and you peek at us through the bedroom door without us knowing. I am getting fucked doggystyle by the neighbor and moaning very loudly with each pump of his cock. I cum hard all over his cock and he leaves he hot load in me. I tell him to leave because I don’t want to get busted. You are smart and video the entire session as blackmail proof. Later, I am spreading my ass cheeks against the wall, talking dirty, thinking the neighbor is back for round two. I ask you if you like my outfit and tease you with my gorgeous, tight round ass. I tell you to come closer and touch it.. You do!!! I turn around in shock and dismay and quickly put on my robe! You torment a bit and I ask why you are home! You show me the video on your phone and threaten to show your dad. I beg and plead with you not to send the video and that there must be something that you want in exchange for deleting the video! I offer money, new iPhone, new gaming console, new clothes but you say no to all that! I am desperate for you to keep your mouth shut!!! I offer to show you my ass…I bend over with my robe still on….but that isn’t nearly enough for you! You want me riding reverse cowgirl on your hard dick!!! You want to see and feel my beautiful ass bouncing up and down…I’m very upset but agree hesitantly. I start riding you and I hear the keys in the front door! It’s your dad!!! OMG stop!! !We must stop now or he will know…the door is closed to the bedroom.. You tell me to keep riding you and we will cum together…I yell to your dad that I will be out in a minute and that I have a surprise for him , not to come into the bedroom though!!! I am freaking out but you won’t let me off until you blow your load into your hot step moms wet pussy!!! Just like the neighbor!!!

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Cory Chase in A Day With My Busty Stepmom

Scene One: Gym Massage
JMac is working out in the gym when he accidentally hurts himself! His step-mom, Cory, walks in and asks if she can help him out. “Where does it hurt?” she asks him. She starts massaging his cock to ease the pain. “Mom, you can’t touch my dick!” Jmac screams out. “Just trust me! I am trying to help!” she tells him. “I am going to try another technique now… just go with it, okay?” she says, as she starts to kiss his cock up and down. She shoves his cock in her mouth and she starts to give him a blowjob, swearing that this will help ease his pain. She starts to use her hands and her mouth at the same time and she sucks him off until he cums in her mouth. She swallows all of his cum and then she tells him to go ice his cock…

Scene Two: Couch Massage
JMac walks over to the fridge to grab some ice because he is still in pain. He lies down on the couch, puts the ice on his cock and then he takes a nap. His step-mom, Cory, walks in to the room and decides to take it upon herself to see if his cock is doing any better. With JMac’s eyes still closed, she pulls her step-son’s cock out from under his shorts. “It’s so much bigger than your father’s!” she exclaims. She starts to massage his cock and his thighs again. She grabs a bottle of oil and then she strips out of her red dress. She pours the oil on her hands and she starts to jerk his cock while his eyes are still shut. “This is going to make it feel so much better, baby! Mommy’s going to take good care of you!” she tells him. She starts to lick the tip of his cock but he still doesn’t wake up! She decides to pull her red panties off and get completely naked. She sits on top of his cock, and suddenly he wakes up! “Mom! What are you doing?!” he asks her. “Just some physical therapy! I am trying to help your pain!” she tells him, as she continues to ride his hard cock. Then she flips around and rides his cock in the reverse cowgirl position next. “Do you like mommy’s deep tissue massage?” she asks him. When he gets close to cumming, she hops off of him and she gives him a blowjob until he cums in her mouth…

Scene Three: Cheating Milf
“I’m all healed!” JMac tells his step-mom, as she passes him by in the kitchen one morning. “We can pretend that you’re still in pain so I can give you some more massages!” Cory says, as she gets down on her knees in front of him. “Dad can’t find out though!” JMac tells her. Cory starts to give him a blowjob, and then she stands up and pulls her shorts down to the ground. She leans up against the kitchen counter and he starts to fuck her pussy while they are standing up. They move over to the kitchen chair and he fucks her in the missionary position in the chair. He leans down to kiss his step-mom and then he starts to fuck her pussy harder. “I want you to cum all over mommy’s face!” she tells him. He tells her to get down on her knees and he jerks his cock off all over her face and in her mouth. “Let’s go take a shower together!” she says, as she grabs his hand and walks towards the bathroom…

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Cory Chase in Fucking My Hot Step Mom In Her Ugly Christmas Sweater

Scene One: Snowy Blowy
JMac is sitting on a stool in the kitchen when his step-mom walks in wearing nothing but her ugly Christmas sweater! The Christmas tree is right behind them as she quickly gets down on her knees and pulls his cock out. “Come on baby, let me jingle those balls!” she giggles. She puts his cock in her mouth and starts to give him a blowjob. She pulls her big tits out from under the sweater and she lets him titty fuck her. Then she goes back to sucking his cock some more. She keeps sucking his cock until he cums in her mouth and she swallows it all.

Scene Two: Your Special Present In My Box
JMac is lying on the floor underneath the Christmas tree, taking a nap. His step-mom, Cory, crawls on the floor towards him. When she approaches him, she pulls his cock out from under his shorts. She instantly starts to suck his cock while he continues to nap on the floor. She gets up and she sits on top of his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. JMac suddenly wakes up and shouts “Mom! What are you doing?!” “Just getting my Christmas present from you!” she exclaims. She starts to ride his cock up and down; Then she switches in to the regular cowgirl position and continues to ride his cock some more. She moves down in to the doggystyle position and JMac fucks his step-mom’s pussy from behind. She is still wearing her ugly Christmas sweater while she fucks him! He lifts her sweater up so he can grab her tits while he fucks her. “Make your step-mommy cum!” she moans. After she cums, she starts to suck his cock again to taste her own pussy! “Oh my God, it’s so good!” he moans. He starts to fuck her again while they are both standing up next to the Christmas tree. When he gets close to cumming, she gets down on her knees and he jerks his cock off all over her face and in her mouth. “Thank you for my Christmas present!” she giggles.

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Ellie Idol – Your Stepmom Wants To Fuck You Too

Blow Jobs, Fucking, MILF, Titty Fuck, Taboo
I’ve given you, my stepson, a list of chores to complete while I’m gone running errands. Instead of working on that list, you end up in my room working your own cock using my silky panties. You’re sprawled out onto your father and my bed, when I walk in, having forgotten my purse. You’re exposed and embarrassed but relax as I move in slowly toward the bed. I’m flattered and honestly a little turned on by your attraction to me. Your father doesn’t fuck me anymore…I don’t think he can keep up with me because of my age. Say, I don’t mind keeping this a secret if you want to take this a bit further. If you like those panties, I know you’ll love the ones I’m wearing…especially when you pull them to the side and slip your nice long dick into my eager unsexed slit. We fuck every way we can as I climax repeatedly. God, it’s been WEEKS since I’ve had sex and I just need my tight pussy filled with your throbbing erection! After I’ve been fucked properly, I work your rod with my hands and big MILF tits until you shoot your big load all over them. Right as we finish, we hear your father’s voice boom from downstairs, “Hey guys, I’m home!” Maybe this won’t be our secret after all…

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Butt3rflyforu – Step Mom Gives JOI

Your step mom is so damn hot! It’s becoming routine for you to masturbate while she is cleaning and rearranging your room. She now comes in even if nothing needs to be tidied up!!! She knows you will be in there jerking that young, horny cock for her. You are my beloved step son and I would do anything for you. I love knowing you masturbate to me and drain your balls to me. I purposely dress like this. I want to tease you relentlessly. I want to see and know that I make your cock rock hard. You love sitting in front of me while I sit and cross my legs with my see through robe on and tell you how to jerk that cock so we can drain all your cum!!!

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Melanie Hicks – Melanie Is Back For Son’s Cock And An Orgasm

I can not believe me and my step-mom almost got caught by my Dad, I could barely go to rest but when I finally did I was woken up a short time later. It was my Mom Melanie again, she crept under my beds and started to blow me under the covers. When I wake up I was in disbelief but I wanted to fuck her again too. I bang her right on my bed and cover her big tits in my cum, I know my Dad can’t fuck her like I can by the way she was moaning for more.

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