Elouise Please – It’s Just A Dream StepSon

It’s just a dream, step son. Just relax, you’re having a very nice dream. You’ve always fantasised about having your step Mums mouth wrapped around your cock, haven’t you? Mmmm, you taste so good! I’m going to have to get on top of you too. Don’t worry, this is just a dream remember, enjoy and don’t tell anyone.

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Lady Fyre – Stepmom Takes Your Virginity

Sequel to “Keeping Stepmom’s Secret”. Your stepmom said that she couldn’t have sex with you, but as she stroked your cock, you could see how horny she was getting for it, and you knew her resolve would crumble. Since you’re so good at keeping secrets, she decided it would be okay if you have sex just this one time. It’s been so long, and your young cock has her lusting. You are a virgin, but you’re not afraid of having sex for the first time. You’ve been wanting her for so long, and this feels right. She rides you, her big breasts bouncing in your face, and then she orders you to cum deep inside her.

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Lady Fyre – Keeping Stepmom’s Secret

You overheard stepmom talking on the phone and you understood just enough to know that she’s cheating on your fa.ther. She explains that it’s really hard for her because she’s horny on the time, and your fat.her has been neglecting her needs. He stays late at work and takes frequent business trips. What else is she to do? She understands that it’s upsetting to you, but she’s sure that you know what it’s like to be so horny. In fact, maybe the two of you can help out one another. Since she’s your stepmother, she can’t have sex with you, but she can give you a hand job. That is, if you can keep a secret.

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Morgana Laveau – Cum In Step Mommy’s Mouth

Your step mom walks in your bedroom to ask if you are ready to go. As she walks up to you, she realizes you have your hand on your cock stroking. She immediately tells you to put it away and get dressed. You ask if you two could do what you did last time. She refuses letting you know that it was a one time deal. You beg. She finally gives in and teases you with her tits. She then kneels down and starts sucking on your hard cock. It’s even more wonderful than before. Her noises are so amazing while it’s on your cock. She looks at you and tells you to cum in her mouth. It takes no time because you are so turned on. You shoot your load in. She leans her head back letting it fall down her throat then opens wide to show you that she swallowed every drop!

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Brooke Woods – Gold Digging Stepmom Sucks Dad And Son Off

The story – You, me and your son are at the company Halloween party and I am PISSED after finding out you are giving your son a fat bonus and not me. I decide to get revenge, I seduce you both and start sucking both your cocks, comparing the two. Son is smaller than dad, I start humilating you for your small cock and comparing you to your dads much bigger cock. I tell you that I know you and your girlfriend have been going to the sperm clinic to try and get pregnant, but I snuck into the clinic and switched your cum out for someone else’s. This is turning both of you on so much, daddy cums on my face and tits and then I keep sucking his son off until he blows a huge load all over my already cummed on face and tits.

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Tyler Faith – Step-Mom Knows Best

Tyler Faith – Step-Mom Knows Best Part 1
Rion’s mom is enjoying her morning coffee when he comes in to make a confession. He is SO nervous, but mom said he can tell her ANYTHING. He lied about hanging out with his friends, he was with his girlfriend, that his mom HATES. Rion confesses that him and his girlfriend had sex, THREE TIMES, and he wasn’t…responsible everytime. His mom composes herself, she doesn’t want to blow up so, she realizes she has to redirect her son’s…Energy. Now Rion is more nervous then ever in his life, but mom is really sweet and patient and guides him

Tyler Faith – Step-Mom Knows Best Part 2
Rion has not been able to stop thinking about the morning he has with his mom. Now, a few days later, she is in a sexy nighty and leading him into her bedroom. Mom explains that she has a lot to teach him, and she wants him to stay away from the girls his age until she decides that he is ready.

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Dee Williams – Step-Son Uses his Trust Fund to Get Control

Dee Williams – Step-Son Uses his Trust Fund to Get Control Part 1
Ricky has decided it’s time to move out. He has gotten a huge trust fund from his uncle and he’s tired of living under his step-mom’s rules. Dee catches him as he is headed to the door with his suitcase. She sits him down to convince him to stay, and, she will do anything to keep him, and his trust fund, right there with her

Dee Williams – Step-Son Uses his Trust Fund to Get Control Part 2
Now that Ricky sees just how much his step-mom needs him, and his trust fund, to stay he decides to show her how different things are going to be

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Emmy Demure – Your Friends are Just Jealous

Emmy Demure – Your Friends are Just Jealouse Part 1
Emmy finds her step-son sulking out by the pool and she wants to find out what is wrong. He doesn’t want to go to the big barbecue. All of his friends will be there and they always give him a hard time about his step-mom being hot and he doesn’t want to deal with it. Emmy explains his friends just jealous.

Emmy Demure – Your Friends are Just Jealouse Part 2
Emmy has gotten so much closer to her step-son since they had a talk about his friends being jealous about him having a hot step-mom. Now they are just hanging out together to “Netflix and Chill” Ricky has been really shy and uptight around his step-mom and she decides to make him realize that everything is ok, and they can do anything he would do with a girlfriend he can do with her

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Diamond Foxx – Step-Sons Crush

Diamond Fox – Step-Son’s Crush Part 1
Diamond has been noticing her step-son looking at her very strangely. Then, as she is exercising in her room she feels his eyes on her. She starts to scold him but realizes it is natural for sons to have…feelings, especially at his age. She is his first crush and she wants to handle it the right way

Diamond Fox – Step-Son’s Crush Part 2
Diamond is having trouble keeping up with her step-son’s sexual appetite. She forgot just how insatiable boys can be at his age. He has been learning to make it really good for her, but she is getting worn out. Still, she has to show him that there is nothing wrong with how he feels

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Diamond Foxx – Step-Dad is Cheating

Diamond Fox – Step-Dad is Cheating Part 1
Rion’s step-mom has been trying very hard to make her marriage work. She has been going to the gym, wearing make up, making dates for her and her husband, but when she realizes he is cheating she decides to put all that effort into the man that really appreciates her…

Diamond Fox – Step-Dad is Cheating Part 2
Rion’s step-father’s resting and his step-mom slips into his room. Diamond has been needing this kind of physical attention for so long, she just can’t get enough now

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