Bettie Bondage – Unleashing Stepmoms Inner Slut

Your dad has had enough of his wife. Guess she got too old, so he kicked her to the curb for a newer model. You’ve known her forever, she’s like a mother…but that doesn’t stop you from wanting her. You find out where she’s moved into and decide to pay her a visit. When you arrive, she’s dressed…well, she’s barely dressed. You always knew she had an inner slut. A deep desire to whore it up. You’ve just got to help her let it out…

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Siennasullivan – Stepmom Catches Stepson w Dirty Panties

Why was my dirty underwear in your room? Were you seriously sniffing those? What are you going to do to me to stop me from telling your Dad? It’s turned me on knowing that you think your stepmom is a fox so I decide to give you the fuck of your life. To my surprise your cock is even bigger than your Dads!

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Brandi Rose69 – Fuck Me Your Sexy Stepmom

Hey it’s me, your sexy stepmom and I just got home from a workout and can’t help myself from teasing you and flirting, do you wanna get a blowjob and fuck me too? Just make sure you can keep it a secret. Why don’t you cum on my ass too? I know you can fuck me better… why don’t you show me?

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Jasmine Jae XXX – Step Mommy Discovers Step Sons Porn

Step mommy has discovered your online search history is full of MILF porn! But I’m not angry, in fact I’m soooo turned on that you have been jerking over MILF porn thinking about me! I make your fantasy a reality as I take you through to the bedroom and give you a real life MILF experience to remember!

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Elouise Please – Horny Step Mum Fuck

Your Father isn’t here right now, just me…. hmmm…. are you staring at my breasts?? I have caught you staring at them quite a bit recently, haven’t I? What would your Father think to that? This is why you really came over, wasn’t it? You were hoping to catch your Step Mum all by herself. Well, I have been quite lonely recently, your Father keeps leaving me all by myself in this big house. Wait…. do you have a boner from staring at my breasts??? That simply won’t do, we are going to have to take care of that together! Don’t worry, I can keep a secret… Mum is the word.

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Brea Rose – Step Mom Takes Your Virginity

You have just gotten out of the shower and are getting ready for your date tonight, I come into your room talking about your date and I tell you I have a suggestion. Why don’t you jerk off beforehand, as I know you are a virgin and if this is your first time, you might cum too quickly. I tell you I could give you some “inspiration” as long as you don’t tell your father. I strip out of my dress and out of my lingerie and play with my pussy while encouraging you to jerk off for me. I tell you all about the first time I fucked your dad, and how he cheated on your mom with me. I then have a better idea, why don’t I take your virginity, seeing as though you are already jerking off in front of me? I get on your cock and ride you, saying really filthy things (Sex is all POV boobs and face in shot only), I cum on your cock and then I beg you to cum inside of your step mom, don’t be scared of getting me pregnant! I ride you harder and faster encouraging you to give me your virginity and empty your balls for me, you might be too tired for your date afterall.

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