Sydney Harwin – A Teacher And Student Story

I play your teacher who is a little surprised to see you standing on my doorstep one afternoon. You kinda invite yourself in and I make you a coffee. You tell me you are here because you’ve been struggling a bit with the English coursework I’ve set you, so I try to help you out. You make me feel uneasy, but I ignore it.. then you come out with something.. something that leaves me speechless… you’ve found my secret porn account online. Yes.. your teacher is a sex worker and holy FUCK you’ve seen her naked! You laugh, telling her that you’ll show the whole school and all the other teachers… unless she agrees to every single term you set out. You don’t just wanna wank over your pretty teacher, you wanna FUCK your pretty teacher.. and you wanna cum inside of her wet little pussy even though she begs you not to because shes trying to get pregnant with her husband!.. this story is based on blackmail and humiliation, but during the course of this film, your teacher succumbs to your intimidation, finding herself a little more than turned on by your bully power.

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Kitty LeRoux – Hands On Learning Milf Teacher

Your roommate is a really sweet milf so when you are really stressed about failing your Sex Education class, you have no one to turn to, except her! She definitely rises to the occasion and plays sexy teacher to help you with a very memorable lesson that you’ll NEVER forget.

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Iamyetti – Teacher JOI

Teacher JOI fantasy where you are the only male student alive in the school and every female teacher including Yetti is fighting to get your cum. Yetti describes to you about your new school where all female teachers will wear sexy clothing to class to impress you.. including her. Yetti confesses that your cum could save her life, she can’t live without your cock, and that she hasn’t had cock in such a long time so she needs your cum to explode on her. Yetti explains deeper about the clothing that she will wear to school to compete with the rest of the female teachers. Yetti says things about wearing outfits that reveal cleavage or short skirts that you could see her panties easily when she bends over. Yetti discusses with you the routines where you will choose which female teacher to use to have your cock sucked first thing in the morning before class starts. Yetti despises any female teacher you would choose over her. Yetti insists that she has all types of bras and panties that she could wear each day to get your attention so you are never bored. Yetti strips for you; showing you her sexy bra and panties she has on and asks you to start stroking.. to not be shy, that you can do more than look. You can touch too. Yetti says that you can touch her tits or ass anywhere in the school or in front of anyone. In fact, Yetti tells you that you can fuck her whenever you want in the school, it could be in the middle of the class or down the hallway. It doesn’t matter where or when.. all you have to do is let her know and Yetti will let you fuck her.. as long as you give her your cum and not the other teachers. Yetti encourages you to stroke more as she gets completely naked and asks for your opinion on how she looks. Yetti loves your hard cock.. so she tells you that she could wear only a bra and panties to school from now on to get your full attention. Yetti would do anything for you, literally anything.. from sucking your cock to letting you fuck her more than anybody else could. Yetti asks you to cum all over her and after you do.. she tells you that she doesn’t want you stroking to any other teachers anymore or she will be very frustrated as she puts her clothes back on and leaves the room.

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Mama Fiona – Lunchtime With Mrs. Costello

I am your teacher and you are hanging out with me during lunch, bc I happen to be one of those “ cool” teachers. Anyway, we are chatting when you start to lay it on thick about all the things like’d like to do with me. I am hesitant but I soon can’t resist your advances. You lift my legs to go down on me, I suck your cock till its ready, and not too long after I’m sitting on my student’s cock, ready to make him explode. Good lord I could get in REALLY big trouble for this….its so risky!!! Ugh! You’re about to be 1 lucky boy, having fucked his own hott teacher in the middle of the classroom!

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Thelochnesscumslut – Seducing Teacher

I’ve noticed you in class sometimes trying to get a peek at your teacher’s tits and ass. Lucky for you, I love younger guys, maybe I’m in the wrong profession! Well, let me strip down, show off and encourage you to stroke for an older woman like me.

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Penny Barber – MILF Teacher Brainwashed Into Slutty Stepford Mom

I am not going to tolerate your lewd staring in my classroom any longer. I do not want to hear excuses for your behavior or blaming my appearance for your choices. From now on, I expect… What was that sweetheart? I guess I lost my train of thought. Would you like some tea? How about some cookies? I only have store bought but I promise they will be homemade next time. I just want my darling to be happy and healthy. Is there anything else… Never mind, sweetie, I have something more important we should talk about. Mommy is starting to get very horny and she needs your help. Don’t you like the way my body looks? Maybe if I just take off some clothes so you can see as much of me as you like. I am not sure why you are hesitating to fuck me right here on this desk but will you at least show Mommy your nice hard cock? Pretty please?

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Xtasy Girl – My Whore Teacher Sucks

My Students Paper Was About How He Wanted Me To Suck His Dick And Fuck Me In All My Holes. I Made Him Stay After Class, To Talk To Him. While I Was Reading His Paper I Started Getting Real Fucking Hot. I Started Thinking About How Good It Would Feel To Have His Cock In Me. The Next Thing I Know We Were Doing It All. My Student Gets An A+. Cum Check Out The Classroom Fun!

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xxxCaligulaxxx – Hands on Teacher Perverts You

You are innocent, cute and you have your first erection in my class! What am I to do? Luckily for you, I am a very hands-on teacher and used to dance to pay the University, so I give you a lapdance to help you cum, which you do, but you are still hard! and I cannot let you walk the hallway like that, so I give you an oral you will like for once and then ride you until you cum again and your – not so little- problem gets resolved.

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Paintedrose – Taboo Teacher Better Than Recess

Your parents hired a tutor to come out and help you with math and social studies. Rosie is a busty MILF teacher and she’s really cool and nice. She cares about your grades, helping you with your homework, and she makes sure you have fun. Maybe it’s not so bad having a tutor. Rosie starts being a little inappropriate while asking you about your hobbies and what you like to do for fun. You both agree that recess is the best subject along with lunch but, Rosie says she has something even better than recess. Rosie touches you and you immediately get hard. She’s surprised you have erections already. Rosie wants to see and begins to suck on your penis for a few minutes and then she tells you not to cum yet because she is going to sit on your dick and ride it. Rosie says she doesn’t have a condom so you have to tell her when you’re going to cum because she can’t get it inside – she doesn’t want to get pregnant. Rosie bounces on your penis and when you start to cum she pulls your cum out with a handjob that makes you shoot so much cum! Rosie is so proud of you and believes you learned a lot in today’s study session. Rosie says we can do it again tomorrow but only if you finish your homework silly boy.

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Mona Wales – Seduced By Hot Teacher During Tutoring

You are asked to come and meet with your hot teacher for some one on one tutoring help. You have fallen behind in class because it seems like you are distracted by something… Could it be your epic crush on your teacher.. maybe she will just have to let you fuck her so that you can focus on your studies.

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