SheenaR – Teacher Fucks You During Pvt Tutoring

SheenaR – Teacher Fucks You During Pvt Tutoring
Teacher Fetish, Role Play, Age Play, MILF, Dirty Talking
You show up at your teachers house for a private tutoring session. She is surprised to see you there because you are one of her best students. She asks what you would like to work on but you’re shy. She tells you it’s ok she will make you comfortable. She knows that your friends told you all about what she does at these private sessions. That is why you came. She lets you know she knows… why do you think she does this private tutoring at her home? She loves fucking all of your friends. And now she is going to fuck you. She is surprised at how much bigger you are then the rest of your class mates and that sets her off. She fucks and sucks you so good. Her pussy is so tight. Her dirty talk is out of control. You are going to ask your parents for a private session every week from now on.

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Noelle Easton – Sex Slave Teacher Pt 1

My class of young boys is in for a kinky surprise this year. I take my job shaping tomorrow’s children seriously and I introduce myself sternly, with a powerful, in-charge attitude. I begin to cover the details of our course, and how you will be learning to dominate, humiliate, control, and degrade women. You will choose my uniform, what you refer to me as, even what I eat. There will be no more bathroom breaks as you will be using me as a human toilet now. Each week you will be graded on your creativity and cruelness both as a class, and as an individual. The best student at the end of every week gets to take me to my sex dungeon house and own me for the weekend. The entire class will have free reign of the cameras and intercoms installed so that you may control me both at school, and at home. You’ll turn me into your perfect little pet, doing whatever you command, taking whatever pain you instill on me. I’m yours to use now, and the best overall student at the end of this semester will permanently own me as well as all of my belongings and assets.

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Stella Sol – Sexually Educational

You’re about to get schooled by your teacher about sex. I know you’ve been masturbating in class and even cumming underneath your sweater because you can’t help your obsession with me. You’re getting called out of class and seduced so hot and heavy you’ll never be the same. This is your chance to cum so hard for me so follow my directions, and when I cum you cum.

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Noelle Easton – Teacher Fucks Her Young Student

Your failing grades in Ms. Easton’s class land you in her room after school for a stern speaking to. She tells you that your “D” average grades won’t do, and promises to give you the “A” if you complete some special extra credit. She bends over to whisper that she loves fucking young boys and how she is craving to teach him a thing or two. Having had her eye on you all year, she finally gets to make her move, pulling out your cock and sucking it as she stares curiously through her glasses up at you to watch your reactions. All this talk of teaching young boys about the female body and blowing her young students’ minds has her wet and naked and she slips your young throbbing cock into her waiting pussy wearing nothing but glasses and ripped pantyhose and begins to ride your cock like you’ll never forget. Before long, she’s already begging for you to coat her glasses and face with cum.

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Noelle Easton – Teacher Teases Student

You’re failing my class, and I demand that you stay after class to work on extra credit. You can’t resist my pantyhose clad legs and high heeled feet as I take off my skirt, panties, top, and bra, showing you why every guy fantasizes about his teachers. I have you drooling as I ride a dildo doggystyle reverse, and cowgirl, I’m such a naughty teacher! They can’t fire me, but I still make sure our secret is safe with us…don’t tell anyone.

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Bella Brookz – Hot4teacherwhispered JOI At Library

You are in trouble!!!! Your grades have never been so low. Your teacher is very worried so she asked you to meet her at the hidden spot in the library. She will do anything she can to help a student of hers. The issue? You are too distracted by her boobs… every day you keep watching them bounce instead of paying attention in class. Maybe ending your curiosity will fix the issue.. or worsen it. She let’s you go all the way as long as you keep quiet (shhh! it’s the library). Apparently you can also teach her a few things…what a hot mess.

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AnnabelleRogers – Mom And Teacher Big Boob Distraction

Your Teacher has called us in for a Parent – Teacher conference. You are failing your classes. Your teacher says that you have been distracted lately. We confront you to why that is. You say because we both have such big boobs you get an erection at school and home. So you are constantly hard from all this cleavage. Since you have a test tomorrow we decide to help you release a load before the test.

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Larkin Love – Shy Teacher Craves Cock Joi Striptease

Larkin Love – Shy Teacher Craves Cock Joi Striptease
I asked you to stay after class today because I have something very important to tell you. You have to keep it secret, ok? Just between us. I’ve had a crush on you all year while you were in my class. Now that you’re about to graduate, I know we probably won’t see each other again. I’ll give you something to remember me by. Watch me take off my clothes, stripping slowly for you as I play with my tits and pussy. Stroke your cock to my body as I finger myself. We’ll cum together, right here in my classroom. Just make sure you keep your voice down and whisper.

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