Tara Tainton – Your Teacher Wants To Know If The Rumors Are True

You’re a straight-A student who’s found yourself in detention for failing an exam you know you aced. And now, you have the audacity to confront your teacher and demand to know why she failed you undeservedly. But you’d never guess the truth. Lucky for you, she’s okay with sharing it. For a price. For a little exchange. You see, there are rumors going around the school – among the girls – that YOU have the biggest cock of all the boys. And teacher wants to know if the rumors are true. In fact, she demands to see it. And more.

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Kitty – Only Young Cocks Make Me Horny

She was very glad to found these article “Spontaneous Erections of Young Boys” by a famous female scientist, to use it for her next sex education class for young boys. She likes boys cocks of all age, they just must get hard in front of her! That’s why she wears these outfits btw. Not to hard to achieve an erection as she shows her legs, plays and strokes her black pantyhose legs in front of you. She also says what she don’t like. Ladies don’t like saggy and hairy old men with saggy and hairy old cock and balls… Her dirty talk turns her so much on that she instantaneously has to grab her pussy under her pantyhose and masturbate over her young boys fantasies! So make your cock big eliminate those hairs from your private parts to jerk off as she masturbates and orgasms in front of you!

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Ryan Keely – Teacher JOI

Uh oh, you have a meeting with angry teacher and America’s favorite MILF, Ms. Ryan Keely. She is upset because you keep getting boners in class and are constantly rubbing yourself under your desk. Before telling your parents, Ms. Keely offers you one last chance to get your obsession with her out of your system. Showing off her voluptuous grown-woman body, she slides up her dress and pulls open her top, encouraging you to take in her beauty as you jerk yourself off. With a dazzling up-close and personal view of Ms. Keely’s spectacular boobs and neatly trimmed bush, she counts down from 5 and urges you to cum when she reaches 1. Lesson complete, she warns you to “keep that thing under control until I ask to see it again.”

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Download Ryan Keely - Teacher JOI.mp4

Annabelle Rogers – Mrs. Rogers

The cutest, sweetest teacher a student can have. Barely contained beneath that sugar sweet exterior is the most perverse, debauched, and depraved predatory woman ever, with a lustful craving for young cock and cum. In class she dresses just on the perverted side of professional; she’s often wearing the sexiest lingerie, garter belts, and stockings. Her skirts are usually short enough to give a peek of her porcelain white thighs above the tops of her stockings and, if she bends over to pick something up, shows off her lacy panties, if she bothered to wear any that day. Her shirts struggle to contain her large, gorgeous breasts which tends to show off a cleavage deep enough to fall into. After school Mrs Rogers (dressed almost professionally if she wasn’t wearing a skirt so short that it exposes her thighs above her stockings and a button up shirt whose buttons strain to hold in her breasts and exposing far too much cleavage to be appropriate in public, much less for a teacher) finds one of her students waiting for a ride alone on the sidewalk. She talks to him and finds out his mom’s running late so he’ll be waiting a long time. Out of concern Mrs. Rogers calls his mom and lets her know that she’ll take him to her home and take care of him until she picks him up. At home Mrs. Rogers talks to him until she notices his boner which he is embarrassed about. He is not used to such a mature woman with large breasts giving him so much attention. Since he is a virgin Mrs. Rogers is trying to discover his naughty fantasies and what really turns him on. She brings his sister into their fantasy. Mrs. Rogers begins to suck and fuck him with her tits until he explodes an enormous load all over her tits. Which just turns her on even more. Since he is younger he has more energy and bigger loads than her husband. From there, Mrs Rogers fucks him in various positions while dirty talking. Eventually, Mrs. Rogers gets a call from his mother which she answers while continuing to fuck and motioning him to stay quiet. The mom says she’ll be home soon. The two keep fucking until Mrs. Rogers gets a huge cream pie with cum running down her thighs. There’s a knock at the door and Mrs. Rogers gets hurriedly and messily dressed (her shirt not buttoned properly and not hiding the cum on her tits nor the cum on her thighs). She answers the door and welcomes the mother and daughter.

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Download Annabelle Rogers - Mrs Rogers.mp4.mp4

Julia Jordan – Teachers Rewarding Cunt

Teacher invites her favorite student at home. She wants to show him how much she loves having him in her class. She wants to surprise him and is dressed so sexy – short black skirt, white blouse, heels. Her reward shocks him – she offers him a view to her gorgeous ass, her stunning MILF cunt, her fantastic legs! And the boy does not wasting his time – he starts licking, kissing and sucking her ass and cunt, making her so horny that soon she invites him in her bedroom and fucks him riding style very hard until the boy cums deep in her horny mature cunt!

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Noelle Easton – Teacher Takes Two Young Cocks

Closing the door behind her, your teacher comes into the room with the both of you. Both of your eyes are drawn to her, you might be young, but she can tell that you’re both starting to get curious. She sets you up with video games and looks on from the background. Moaning and wet noises startle you both as you look back from your game and see that your much older teacher has no panties on and is touching herself. You exchange glances with the other young boy and try to escape out the door, but she has you right where she wants you. You can’t help but give in as she demands you take off your clothes and watch her remove hers. She teases you with her big motherly tits while admitting her biggest fantasy – each week having two young boys in her class fuck her at the same time. She slips your smooth, developing young penis into her mouth and takes the other boy in her pussy. She guides you both, switching positions and boys as she reaches orgasm and teaches the young pair. Both of you cum inside her, one in her mouth and one in her pussy as she describes what else she plans to do to you and your entire class all school year.

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SheenaR – Teacher Fucks You During Pvt Tutoring

SheenaR – Teacher Fucks You During Pvt Tutoring
Teacher Fetish, Role Play, Age Play, MILF, Dirty Talking
You show up at your teachers house for a private tutoring session. She is surprised to see you there because you are one of her best students. She asks what you would like to work on but you’re shy. She tells you it’s ok she will make you comfortable. She knows that your friends told you all about what she does at these private sessions. That is why you came. She lets you know she knows… why do you think she does this private tutoring at her home? She loves fucking all of your friends. And now she is going to fuck you. She is surprised at how much bigger you are then the rest of your class mates and that sets her off. She fucks and sucks you so good. Her pussy is so tight. Her dirty talk is out of control. You are going to ask your parents for a private session every week from now on.

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Noelle Easton – Sex Slave Teacher Pt 1

My class of young boys is in for a kinky surprise this year. I take my job shaping tomorrow’s children seriously and I introduce myself sternly, with a powerful, in-charge attitude. I begin to cover the details of our course, and how you will be learning to dominate, humiliate, control, and degrade women. You will choose my uniform, what you refer to me as, even what I eat. There will be no more bathroom breaks as you will be using me as a human toilet now. Each week you will be graded on your creativity and cruelness both as a class, and as an individual. The best student at the end of every week gets to take me to my sex dungeon house and own me for the weekend. The entire class will have free reign of the cameras and intercoms installed so that you may control me both at school, and at home. You’ll turn me into your perfect little pet, doing whatever you command, taking whatever pain you instill on me. I’m yours to use now, and the best overall student at the end of this semester will permanently own me as well as all of my belongings and assets.

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Stella Sol – Sexually Educational

You’re about to get schooled by your teacher about sex. I know you’ve been masturbating in class and even cumming underneath your sweater because you can’t help your obsession with me. You’re getting called out of class and seduced so hot and heavy you’ll never be the same. This is your chance to cum so hard for me so follow my directions, and when I cum you cum.

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